Admiring the Admiral

Retired Admiral John Hutson said about Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump at the Democratic National Convention, “Donald, you’re not fit to polish John McCain’s boots.” Of course, this was a complete red herring as we all know that John McCain prefers loafers (see Sarah Palin as former running mate).

But Admiral Hutson’s one-line  zinger had many accurate hidden meanings:

  • Donald, you’re not fit. (Please don’t go shirtless on us like your pal Putin.)
  • Donald, you’re not Polish. (A bit cryptic, but perhaps a response to the Scottish people doing their best to distance themselves from Trump.)
  • Donald, you’re not John McCain. (Obviously. One has character while the other is a walking, talking character flaw.)
  • Donald, you’re not boots. (Hip hop expression meaning that he’s not flytastic.)
  • Donald, you’re boot. (Reference to Trump being vomit.)
  • Donald, you’re Cain. (Version 1 – reference to the biblical Cain & Abel story. Spoiler alert … Cain is the bad guy.)
  • Donald, you’re Cain. (Version 2 – reference to former Tea Party candidate and madman (redundant?) Herman Cain.)
  • Donald, you’re not John. (Beatles reference.)

And if you dig deeper, Huston’s one-liner is actually an anagram for, “Donald, you are an ignoramus and dolt.”

I have to trust Admiral Huston and his speech. Who else but a retired Naval officer should be able to recognize someone that is a little dinghy? And with those small baby hands that Trump has, maybe a little dinghy is an apt description of more than just Trump’s mental state.





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