My Days Are Numbered

Yeah, that’s right, from 1 to 31, same as yours. I guess today is one of the special number days. I spotted this on Twitter.

To celebrate the occasion, on all the checks I write today, I plan to show the date as 9-21-21-21-21-21-21.

I guess tomorrow being an equinox is also a big day as the sun crosses the equator. We have cold and snow coming in the northern hemisphere, and down under in Australia, South America, and Africa, they get summer. I don’t think that’s fair. You never hear of southern hemisphere blizzards and unbearable temperatures during their winters. Sydney airport shut down because of heavy snow? Rio schools closed due to whiteout conditions and unsafe temps? Cape Town roads covered in ice and snow causing massive 50+ car pile-ups? No, no, & no. And they get super hot summers which I don’t think they like. I’m always hearing news stories with Aussies bitching about the sweltering summer heat. Maybe with just a slight adjustment to the tilt of the Earth’s axis, we could even things out a bit more. I mean, why have nuclear power and weaponry if we don’t use it to make necessary adjustments? We had 8 years with supposed progressives running the US from 2008 to 2016, but did they address it? No. Thanks, Obama.

Anyway, enjoy this 21 day today and don’t forget to send that special someone in your life “Happy Equinox” greetings tomorrow. By special someone, I mean me. In lieu of equinox salutations, I will also accept if you click this link to buy my award-winning book of short stories.

The Return of … Random Thoughts

I haven’t published a Random Thoughts post in years, and I acknowledge the public outcry, or lack thereof. One of those two. I am responding with a potentially triumphant return Random Thoughts post. So, let’s dive right into my alleged mind.

This current Applebee’s commercial makes me want to NEVER eat at an Applebee’s again.

Our governor has reinstated a mask mandate in the state of Illinois, and it is great. It saves me so much time, because with the mask on when I am out in public, I can get away with less frequent nose hair timmings.

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Mask Mandate for my Masked Man-Date

I was invited to the Chicago Bears home opener this coming Sunday by a rich friend that takes pity on me from time to time and invites me to various sporting events to sit in very good seats and eat very good food. I was flattered by the man-date invite, but also torn and took a day to make the decision. On the one hand, I want to go to the game and don’t want the man-date invites to stop. On the other hand, COVID! I would be one of 60,000 plus people in Soldier Field in Chicago on Sunday. I really wasn’t sure of what to do.

I was leaning toward going, but maybe upgrading my choice of mask. There is now a mask mandate in Chicago, so I would need to mask up when I’m in enclosed areas at the stadium. I thought I should get one of the fancy N95 or KN95 masks for upgraded protection over my normal cloth or surgical mask.

I met a couple much less rich friends for brunch on the day I needed to make the decision about going. One of my friends told me that he went to two Chicago White Sox baseball games unmasked, and it was fine. Still, I felt I needed a sign, and boy, did I ever get one.

As we were walking in the parking lot, I looked down, and this is the sign I spotted.

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Adding Ads?

Sales of my award-winning, side-splitting book of short stories about the afterlife do not appear like they will be sufficient to fund a lifestyle for me of champagne wishes and caviar dreams. Therefore, this notice from WordPress caught my eye.

As I clicked the link to start making money, I guessed that I would be instructed to offer to shut the blog down in exchange for donations. But, no. This popped up next.

I can’t imagine any scenario where the internet’s top ad suppliers bid for ad space on this blog. Bidding to stay off this blog? That I can believe. Anyway, adding ads sounded pretty good and easy to me, but this is the first ad that was suggested.

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Another Edition of … Am I a Bad Guy?

You may recall that we enlarged and renovated our bathroom earlier this year. It turned out great. Now my wife claims that although the bathroom walls are painted, the other side of the new walls in our bedroom need more than just white paint. In addition, she insists that if we paint the new walls, we need to paint ALL the walls in the room. Sounds crazy to me, but she’s got the artistic eye … or does she? It looks like she has started painting. I have to say, I’m not thrilled. Take a look and tell me if I’m wrong.

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Weighting for More

How many pounds of weight lost is too many? For me, I’m not sure that number exists. If you recall from my post about July weight loss, I had made my original weight loss goal. It took me over a year to lose 20 pounds. I still felt puffy, so I figured I would continue on. But continue what? I’m not on a diet. I just eat right. I had even cut back a bit on exercise from last year, although I still posted a respectable average daily step/bike crank total in August.

After swimming 9 miles in July, I scaled back to 7 miles in August. So how did I lose 3 more pounds in August? I don’t have COVID or any other deadly disease. I’m starting to think it may have to do with one of the two mystery supplements I started taking at the beginning of June. They weren’t a mystery to me, but I have been teasing them a bit in this blog. Well, it’s time for their big reveal.

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Once Again, I Lost but Still Won

If you recall, I came in 4th in the April elections, but still won a seat on my local township board. Well, here we go again, but this time I did even worse and still won. I entered my book of short stories in a competition, mainly to get a “professional” review. Well, I’m not sure how professional the review is, but I can’t argue with its accuracy. See what you think. Here’s the review.

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Ivermectin? No, I Don’t Vermectin. You Shouldn’t Either.

Yesterday, the mites delivered an anti-Ivermectin cartoon on this blog that blew up the internet. No, wait, I may have gotten that slightly wrong. I’ll try that again. Yesterday, the mites delivered an anti-Ivermectin cartoon on this blog that blew. That’s more like it. Anyway, the mites joined a legion of others that are begging people not to take livestock dewormer Ivermectin for Covid. Here’s known cable news smarty-pants Rachel Maddow trying to explain why people are taking a livestock dewormer for Covid.

Oh, right, Fox News. There are potential side effects, like death. And take a look at what has happened to conservative pundit Ann Coulter after taking Ivermectin.

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I have been blogging about swimming a lot recently, hence the title of this blog post. Clever, huh?

Editor’s Note: No.

Anyway, I have been blogging a lot about water since I have been swimming across Lake Michigan this summer in my backyard pool. After swimming more miles than expected in July, it became mathematically apparent that I would likely make my mileage goal by the end of summer. I started to think about finishing with a flourish or grand gesture, and I had one in mind.

I was aware of this event as I had considered competing in it in my younger days.

I certainly couldn’t finish the 5K (3.1 miles) unless I was being towed by a boat. But I had done a mile open water swim in July, so I am pretty sure I can slog slowly through the 2.5K (1.55 miles) course. Oh, you’re asking why it is called the Big Shoulders swim?

Editor’s Note: Nobody asked.

Well, Chicago was called the City of Big Shoulders by poet Carl Sandburg. Of course, he also called Chicago the Hog Butcher for the World. I think the swimming race organizers chose the better name.

And there’s another reason.

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Pack It Back Up

I was moved by the passion of this speaker in this video tweet. You may have already seen it. When someone speaks with such passion, I feel there has to be some truth to what is being said. Well, let’s take a look before we unpack what is being said.

Such passion. Such raw emotion. Such an apparent lack of facts. There’s so much to unpack, so I did just that because if I’m anything, I’m helpful. Oh, and I like to poke fun at people like the speaker. Come join in as we take a deep dive together into this video.

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It’s Not Nice to Confuse a Puppy

As owners of a new puppy, we are trying to teach him some things like sit, stay, walk on a leash, and to stop stealing our shoes, the smellier the better. But look how sad he is after being confused by one of his toys.

He was chewing on his Chewbacca toy yesterday. Hey, why is it that when people mention Chewbacca, they often say, “Chewbacca from Star Wars?” Has there ever been a Chewbacca from anywhere else? It’s Chewbacca. Period.

Anyway, our little puppy was chewing on his Chewy when this happened …

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