Published Works

Beyond: Tales of the Afterlife

My collection of short stories about the afterlife is now award-winning. BEYOND was a finalist in the 2021 Reader’s Favorite contest.

Sixteen short stories explore residents of and their lives in the afterlife. The tales are set in the past, the present, and the future. God makes appearances in different forms in several of the stories. The stories should make you laugh a bit and also contemplate the ultimate destination for us all.

BEYOND: Tales of the Afterlife

Digital version in pdf format of BEYOND: Tales of the Afterlife, a collection of humorous and contemplative short stories about the afterlife.


Click this link to purchase BEYOND from Amazon for your Kindle or Kindle app.

Elvis Has Left the Building

“Elvis Has Left the Building” was my first published short story, and it was inspired by this work of art from Eric Semelroth called Imitation A La King.

It is a story of a Las Vegas busker at a crossroads in his life. He sees his life in the rearview mirror with a mix of fondness and regrets, and ponders what’s ahead for him. Sounds bleak, but I guarantee that it is chock full o’ humor.

The story is published in a collection called Visions of Life 2 from Crow Woods Publishing. A traditional book launch and promotion was impossible in 2020, so here’s an excerpt of a YouTube digital launch featuring yours truly with several dramatic readings from my story.

You can click this link to order from Amazon for Kindle or in paperback. If you prefer, you can order directly from Crow Woods Publishing through this link.

But you may not want to read the whole book. You may want to read only my story. Allow me to make that happen for you. Buy a digital version of the story emailed to you for only 50 cents. And not just the story as published in the book, but enhanced with a bonus joke!

Elvis Has Left the Building

Digital version in pdf format of this original short story. It is a warm, humorous look at decisions we all make in life as we age.


My Parasitic Twin Wants to be President

This novella was released earlier in 2020 to critical acclaim. No, wait. I got that wrong. It was released to acclaimed criticism. It was a story I had wanted to write for years, and the 2020 election year seemed to provide the perfect backdrop. It’s a heartwarming tale of two unusually close brothers as they hit the presidential campaign trail in advance of the Iowa caucuses. You can read more about it and purchase it on Amazon through this link below for just $0.99. What else can provide several hours of lighthearted reading for under a buck?

For you Amazon haters out there, and I know there are some, you can also order a digital version emailed to you through this link.

My Parasitic Twin Wants to be President

Digital version in pdf format of the political novella My Parasitic Twin Wants to be President.


The novella is full of humor, some sophisticated and some sophomoric. But while it is guaranteed to coax some smiles and chuckles from you, it hopefully will also give you pause to consider some of the issues of the day that are addressed throughout.

Every Time a Bell Rings

Released in 2021 for light Christmas reading, this short story is somewhat of a sequel to the beloved holiday movie It’s a Wonderful Life.

If you don’t want to line the pockets of Jeff Bezos with even more cash, buy direct from me and I will email a pdf version to you.

Every Time a Bell Rings

Digital version in pdf format of my irreverent short story sequel to the beloved movie It’s a Wonderful Life. Clarence the angel gets called on the carpet for his interference.



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