About Me and My Blog

Updated November 1, 2020

Geez, what a shitty year 2020 has been. However, I did reach my goal of becoming a published writer in 2020. I have found that to keep the writing ideas flowing, I need to write a lot. So, despite pleadings and protestations from my family and mental health professionals, I plan to keep this blog active. There will be some changes and expanded features as part of this blog … Coming Soon! Isn’t that what people say when they don’t have a clue as to what is actually coming, usually later than sooner?

I typically don’t read other blogs since I am too busy writing my nonsense. Oh, and did I mention I run a small business, am married, have 5 kids and a dog?  I’m continually amazed that I have time to write this rubbish.

I hope you approach this blog with a lighthearted outlook and find something to tickle your funnybone.

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Me and …
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