Brew Review – 3 Floyds

It appears that I may be making the rounds of some local breweries on a regular basis, so why not share my review? Maybe because my readers are all over the world and unlikely to visit a local Chicago area brewery? That’s never stopped me before from writing about stuff that nobody wants to read.

We visited 3 Floyds Brewery in Munster, Indiana, just a few miles southeast of Chicago.


Is that all full of beer? My friends that I went with certainly hoped so. Me? Not so much. I was the designated driver. Sigh!

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Skiing is Bad

I’m glad winter is almost over. I always feel pressure to take my family skiing. I just don’t like or recommend downhill skiing. I think the action of going downhill reminds me too much of the actual direction of my life. But it’s not just the downhill skiing action that’s dangerous. Need help getting to the top of the hill?


And even if the ski lift is working properly, this can be the result …

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Sergeant Flanigan?

After the upcoming primary election in a week, area Democrats will get together the following month for a unifying convention. Yay! Party time!


It could be as contentious as shown in the pic after an increasingly nasty primary campaign, but I do not expect it to look that fun or weird. I am excited that there may be a new opportunity for me to rise up the ladder in the Democratic Party.

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The Proof is in Your Sticker

I voted early in the Illinois primary. See, I have proof. I have a sticker.

Vote Early

I voted with my middle daughter, which I thought was kinda’ cool. I did tell her it was a crime if she didn’t take a sticker. She bought it!

It also felt weird, but good, to be voting with one of my kids. How did she get to be 21 and why do I still have a much younger daughter not even in double-digits yet in age? What felt even weirder was knowing that she voted for me.

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