Brace Yourself for my Flip-Flop

I have 5 kids and consider myself fortunate that I have only paid for braces for 1 of the kids so far. My youngest son probably needed braces, but never got them. He was born with too many teeth in his mouth and had to have several extracted including the one growing from the roof of his mouth. Something like this, but only one extra tooth in the roof of his mouth, not a whole second set of choppers. Yikes!

teeth too many

Geez, you could go broke just buying toothpaste for that mouth, but you might be able to chew your food twice as fast. Anyway, my son never got braces for several reasons:

  • I am cheap.
  • He was playing sports that required mouthguards.
  • He didn’t want them.
  • I am cheap.

Now my wife tells me our youngest daughter who is 11 needs braces. I immediately began spewing reasons why she didn’t need them. And then I did a complete 180 degree flip-flop after I heard this …

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I stumbled across this article on Twitter.

It leads me to a troubling moral dilemma. Should we stay silent and allow the QAnon morons to seriously hurt or even kill themselves, thus making the world a better place? Or do we save the lives of the QAnon pond scum by telling them not to drink bleach? If we choose the latter, they won’t believe us, and that may cause them to drink even more bleach.

I think my decision is made. What article?

A Questionable Record

No, the title of this post does not refer to the Trump Administration. If it did, the title would be “A Criminal Record.” This post is about clearing out some of my old records with a focus on my religious albums. Although a “criminal record” definitely would apply to Trump campaign ally George Nader who we saw earlier this month pleading guilty to more child porn charges.


Maybe, Greg. Wasn’t one stretch in a Czech prison on child porn charges enough for Nader? Who knows how many in the Trump administration would approve? How about these guys?

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My Brain May Be Melting

We don’t subscribe to movie channels with our cable subscription. Every once in a while when the stars align properly, we get free HBO for a few days. I record a bunch of movies, and we watch some of them until the next time we get free HBO. It’s a perfect system, except so many of the movies suck. I use the Rotten Tomatoes website to sort the viewable from the unwatchable.

I recorded Rock the Kasbah from 2015 starring Bill Murray because, well, I love Bill Murray and most everything he has ever done. I didn’t see the movie when it was released, because I heard it was terrible. And this did not look at all promising per Rotten Tomatoes …

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