Trump Offers Free College!


Taking a page from the Bernie Sanders book, Donald Trump is now offering a free college education, sort of. Trump has announced that Trump University will reopen immediately after his inauguration on January 20, 2017. This version of Trump U will not focus on making money in real estate, but will be all about “positive alignment with Trump values” and unlike normal Trump values, Trump U will be 100% free upfront. But there are a couple catches.

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Carrier Deal Details Revealed


The recent Carrier deal that Donald Trump brokered has been decried by many. It just doesn’t seem to make sense. Well, we have gotten to the bottom of this deal, thanks to our relentless investigative reporting. It still doesn’t make sense, but we understand it better.

It turns out that the deal between Trump and Carrier includes more than just job and tax concessions. We have uncovered the juicy details that have been heretofore covered up.

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He’s Black. He’s Urban. He’s HUD Secretary.

Despite Dr Ben Carson previously admitting he is unqualified for a Cabinet position, or perhaps because of that admission, Trump has chosen Carson as Secretary of Health and Urban Development. Of course, he tweeted about it …


We monitor Trump’s tweets closely, and although this is the current version, there were a couple other versions he tweeted before this one that were hastily taken down, but not before we grabbed some screenshots.

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DC Neighborhood Not Mending Pences

The neighborhood that Mike Pence and his wife will be moving into has prepared for the Pence’s arrival with a display of the LGBT flag on many houses.


I wonder if Pence not only supports gay conversion therapy, but also gay supporters conversion therapy? Regardless, the DC neighborhood is not stopping at flags, but has even more surprises in store for the Pence’s once they move in.

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Trump Tweets SNL

Sadly, this was a real tweet from Donald Trump over the weekend …


This is NOT one of my joke Trump tweets, although I have found people have a difficult time distinguishing between my joke Trump tweets and the real ones.

This is the tweet that I had hoped SNL would have fired back to Trump …

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Autopsy of a Failed Joke

I really liked this joke Trump tweet I created especially for Thanksgiving …

trump-tweet-turkeyI felt it was one of my best satirical pieces. I proudly posted it to this blog, linked to Facebook, sent it out via email to some non-social media friends and family, and then sat back and waited for the kudos to come pouring in. Instead, I spent time explaining, backtracking, and apologizing. What went wrong?

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Trump’s Rules of Reasoning

I have spent the last couple days trying to understand the logic in this confusing Trump tweet  …

trump-tweet-uHooray! I am thrilled that Trump flip-flopped on his campaign position that he would NEVER settle this lawsuit, and that those harmed through his sham “school” will be properly compensated after all these years. I just can’t get past the logic Trump uses. Should I really be surprised?

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Stop Saying Mike Pence Went Through Gay Conversion Therapy!


With all the lies spewed during this last Presidential campaign, we don’t need to spread another. The latest fabrication making the rounds is that Mike Pence successfully went through gay conversion therapy to save his marriage. It certainly appears obvious that Pence was hoping for much more than just an air peck on the cheek from Trump in this shot.

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Goodbye, Obamacare


As I write this, it was 15 days ago that I went to the doctor to be diagnosed with acute pharyngitis. I accepted the compliment, although I thought it odd since I had not dropped my pants during the exam. I was concerned, and after an exhaustive 30 second Google search, I found I had been diagnosed with a very bad sore throat. Huh. They told me I had a bad throat infection and checked me for strep, but it was negative. I could not speak. I had no voice above a whisper. I felt terrible. Bad sore throat? They threw 10 days of penicillin at me and sent me home. Over the next 10 days, I continued to get worse. I suspected I was in bad shape when I noticed my wife had done some Google searches of her own on my computer for local funeral homes.

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Trump TV Debuts … sort of


Maybe we have been given a glimpse into the future as the withering Trump Presidential campaign has launched a nightly Facebook Live 30 minute show. This may be a ghastly peek into what Trump TV will look like after the Orangetan gets clobbered in the November general election. The problem for the Trump team is not just the content, which so far is horrifying, although not any different than the normal Trump campaign speech or debate, but that there are hundreds of new Facebook Live shows launched daily that are similar in content.

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Pence Out … Familiar Name In


In a blockbuster move designed to salvage his flagging political career, we hear that Mike Pence has withdrawn from the Republican Presidential ticket. After ruining Indiana with his cretinous, archaic policies, Pence took his political hate show on the road nationally as Donald Trump’s running mate/sidekick/accomplice/apprentice troll. It was never a good fit as Trump’s bloated ego could not handle that the general public seems to prefer the hate-filled Pence to the Orange Goblin Trump.

Sources tell us that Trump has already chosen a Pence replacement, and it is a familiar political name … Bush.

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Finally Fifty

It has been a bit over one year since I started upchucking my written nonsense onto our unsuspecting planet via this blog, and while followers have come and some have gone (aka, the smart ones), I finally have 50 followers. I probably could have gotten 50 the first week by posting pics like this …
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Trump’s Committment to Advantage


Donald Trump’s leaked 1995 tax return shows that Donald Trump lost almost one billion dollars in that boom year back when everyone was making money. Heck, the lemonade stand my 6 year old daughter ran back in 1995 was doing so well that she opened 8 franchises that year and went public. You had to be a bumbling, stumbling fool to lose money back in the 90’s.

More importantly, the leaked tax document shows that Trump has legally taken advantage of the federal tax code to avoid paying income taxes for many years.

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