Sort of Closed for Vacation

This will be a spotty week for this blog, although that sounds like an accurate description of every week for this blog. We said good-bye today to our beloved family member of the canine variety after 14 & 1/2 years. We’ll miss you Gus.


Yeah, those lumps on his chest were tumors that were possibly cancerous and perhaps did him in. That, and being old. RIP little buddy.

I also am transitioning from one computer to another, so that is a royal pain. On top of that, we are headed to Michigan for a short vacation visiting relatives for a few days. They’re nice relatives, relatively speaking. Did you know that Michigan beaches are some of the best in the world? Of course, the relatives we are visiting live smack dab in the middle of Michigan, nowhere close to those beaches.

Based on what is going on in the USA these days with imprisoning children, I am tempted to drive right through Michigan to Canada and never look back. Gus has gone on to a better place. These days Canada is better than the USA, so why not the rest of us?

I am hoping some things catch my eye as we make our journey, and I get inspired to post a wacky pic or observation. But even if I don’t, you can be sure I’ll be back this weekend with a new Sunday Mite Be Funny.



36 (it’s a play on the title of the TV show called 24 starring Kiefer Sutherland which I never watched but hear was a very good show, although don’t expect that kind of writing quality in this blog post, the title of which numerically implies it should be 50% better than the TV show, but it is definitely not)

Here was what was going to be the plan as I understood it for the past 36 hours. My youngest daughter was having some school friends over to the house for a birthday sleepover as she celebrates turning ten years old. The plan was for my wife and the girls to watch a movie in a tent outside and then fall sleep there. I envisioned myself sitting inside, sipping an ice cold adult beverage, watching whatever movie I wanted to watch (a rare treat) and maybe creating a special Father’s Day Mite Be Funny cartoon that would keep me amused and chortling to myself all evening as I fall asleep with a wry smile on my face.

These last 36 hours have not gone according to plan.

Friday 6AM – I started working from home early Friday morning at 6AM which means I checked Facebook, the news feeds, weather, etc. for a couple hours. I was able to book not one, but two orders from a customer in Mauritius. Ten points will be awarded if you can point where that tiny island nation is located on this map.


Give up? OK, here’s the answer …

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In Defense of Michael Cohen

The latest news is that Michael Cohen’s lawyers have quit, allegedly due to a disagreement over fees. Who would have ever guessed that Donald Trump’s lawyer would not pay his bills? I guess the rotten apple doesn’t fall too far from Trump Tower.

But why not save a ton of money and just represent himself if he’s a lawyer? Oh right, he got his degree from the Thomas Cooley Law School which was recently mentioned by Politico as being the worst law school in the US. Regardless, it isn’t going to take much lawyering to plead guilty to the rock-solid case the feds are preparing against him.

With all that said, I have decided to contribute to Michael Cohen’s legal defense fund, on 1 giant condition …

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