I recently saw the UK band Squeeze in concert at the Vic Theatre in Chicago, one of many classic older concert venues in one of the greatest cities in the world. You can always tell it’s a classy place when they spell theater as theatre. Oh, so classy.

When people ask me who I saw in concert at the Vic, rather than Squeeze, I always add “UK band” as a preface to Squeeze. That way, even though they may have no idea who Squeeze is, they know it is a UK band which always sounds a lot hipper and adds some instant credibility.

Truth be told, the concert was about 10 days ago. I know, I know, concert reviews are expected immediately after the show. But why? It’s not like my review would have convinced you to buy a ticket for their next show date in Michigan. So get over it and if you must, pretend I saw them last night. Now, on to the review.

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More for Moore

It didn’t take long for Donald Trump and the RNC (Republican National Committee) to cave and re-endorse and support Alabama Republican Senate candidate and accused pedophile Roy Moore. Once they saw that Moore would not cede his candidacy to another less controversial candidate, and that the Democrats could actually win the Alabama Senate seat, Trump and the rest of the GOP (Gang Of Pedophiles?) came scurrying back to Roy Moore’s defense and more importantly, his aid financially. Well, most of the GOP did. Here’s an exception …

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