Hard Review of Soft Candy

When focused, I’m a vegetarian. Like a 1960 Zenith black & white television relying on a rabbit ear antenna for reception, I tend to normally be out of focus. In unfocused times, I’m a lacto-ovo-vegetarian which means I also eat lactos and ovos, small mammals of the badger family. Normally I am a pescatarian, which means I eat what I want when I watch Joe Pesci movies. Sometimes I devolve into a scavengerian, which means I eat whatever my wife or youngest daughter refuse to eat because of taste, freshness or an abundance of mold spores.

For me, the health Holy Grail is to be a vegan. I’m not sure exactly what that means I can and cannot eat but will probably eat anyway due to being oh so weak, but I had to dip my palate into vegan waters (brrr, cold!) when I saw this product today on the shelf in the local grocery store …

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And Under the Trump Bus Goes Don Jr.

I saw this tweet in real time this morning. I couldn’t quite believe what I was reading.

Trump Tweet Meeting

I had no reply to tweet because I was not prepared for Trump Sr. throwing his son under the bus the way he did. Trump Sr. appears to use the “I didn’t do it, but my son did” defense.

I can only speculate on the conversation this tweet generated.

Jr: Oh father, I feel quite uncomfortable with my head resting under the bus tire.

Sr: Don’t worry. They’ll provide you a pillow in prison.

Anniversary Frogs

We are coming up on 3 years since I first posted to this blog and started wasting my time and yours. You’re welcome! One of the very first posts featured frogs in my pond. That post was quite unsuccessful (zero likes – be the first while there is still time!), portending many more unsuccessful posts to come. As I fed the pond fish this morning,  I decided to honor this momentous anniversary with another dumb post featuring an unwitting frog accomplice in my backyard pond.

Frog Text