Winnowing the Candidates – Twofer Edition

This is not becoming a favorite recurring blog post of mine. I liked it when I was eliminating candidates such as John Hickenlooper, Bernie Sanders, and Comrade Tulsi Gabbard from the Democratic presidential race. But now I have to start cutting some good people, like this guy.

John Delaney Three guesses who he is. Go …

Nope, nope, and nope. That presidential candidate is …

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Warts This?

When I got the news that the spot on my leg was cancerous, I was given a choice: more surgery or burning the cancer away with a cream. Since I was familiar with burning parts off my body, I chose the cream. That proved to be an uncomfortable decision.

I went to the pharmacy to get the cream. My cream was ready. I was ready. But the law states that the pharmacist must speak to anyone with a new prescription. The pharmacist wasn’t ready. I could have walked away from the counter and shopped in the store. I’m glad I didn’t. I peeked at the paperwork with the cream. I couldn’t believe when I read this …

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Now it is just getting embarrassing …

Republican legislators are devious, unscrupulous, morally corrupt, and downright criminal. I can accept that. But geez, do they have to be so freakin’ embarrassingly stupid? This gets on youtube and the whole world gets to see how dumb as rocks some of our elected legislators are. You just have to watch the first minute. Be ready to catch your jaw dropping before it hits the table.

The sad thing is that Rep. Massie’s Trump-loving, climate change-denying, bag of hammers-stupid constituents back in his Kentucky district will eat it up because they don’t know any better. Don’t believe me? Just read some of the comments on that youtube video. Just sad. How have we sunk this low? Our education system has clearly failed when the electorate votes for idiots like Massie. And for the moment, we have Betsy DeVos to fix our education system. I fear all hope is lost for the USA.

Or maybe I can help. I have a Bachelor of Science degree. And I went through a Master of Science program. I guess according to Rep. Massie, that makes me a scientist! Maybe I best commence with some sciencing and fix the gol’ darn climate mess that the Dumbocrats have invented.

In the words of John Kerry, “Are you serious? This is really, seriously happening here?” Sadly, it did.

Hat Trick Denied

I was hoping for a hat trick. No, I’m not talking about our hometown Chicago Blackhawks and their quest for Lord Stanley’s Cup.

stanley cup.gif

They did not make the playoffs. I am talking about a personal hat trick. I got the phone call from my doctor’s office, and I can’t begin to express my disappointment. Test results were positive. Positive? Positive is always good, right? Nope. I have cancer again, and I am very disappointed in the type.

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Friends! vs. friends

I have two friends who are like brothers, but not like a brother who gives you a kidney punch as he walks by. They are like brothers who would donate a kidney to me if I needed one. Those are Friends!

But my Friends! don’t live in my town, so I have developed friends that live in my town. I want to be clear. They are not Friends! They are only friends. Here’s the difference …

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