Can I Get a Trump-Free Evening Please?

I wanted an evening without Donald Trump. It looked to be a good night to sit by a fire outside and have an adult beverage. Of course, that’s most nights for me, but tonight it had an extra appeal to me for whatever reason. That was before I knew Trump held a press conference, and not just any press conference, but the Titanic of press conferences. Sigh! And so we have another night of cable news watching and some blogging. Here are my random thoughts after watching the Trump presser.

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Welcome Back

I was sooooooooooooooo disappointed with the James Comey testimony yesterday at the Senate Committee hearing. Where was the Donald Trump live tweeting that was floated as a possibility? It was almost 48 hours between tweets for Trump and none live when Comey was testifying. And now, this is the first tweet we get as we welcome Trump back to the twitterverse …

Trump Tweet Vindication

Based on that twisted tweet, it appears that Trump may have asked Senator John McCain to explain to him about what actually went on at the Comey Senate Committee hearing. I’m just surprised that he didn’t mention Crooked Hillary and call to Lock Her Up.


Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is threatening to change Senate rules that require 60 votes for confirmation of a Supreme Court Justice to a simple majority confirmation, also know as the “nuclear option.”

Arizona Senator John McCain has publicly stated that anyone who wants to change that Senate rule is a stupid idiot.

Is there anyone who doesn’t think that Mitch McConnell is a stupid idiot?

crickets chirp

That’s what I thought.

Want even more stupidity? John McCain will vote for the Senate rule change that he thinks you would have to be a stupid idiot to support.

Make sure to check all logical reasoning at the door when entering the Senate please.

Admiring the Admiral

Retired Admiral John Hutson said about Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump at the Democratic National Convention, “Donald, you’re not fit to polish John McCain’s boots.” Of course, this was a complete red herring as we all know that John McCain prefers loafers (see Sarah Palin as former running mate).

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Proof of Obama ISIS Ties

Both Donald Trump and surprisingly Senator John McCain made allusions to President Obama perhaps working cooperatively with ISIS. It sounds crazy, but we finally have found proof. Take a look, see for yourself, and become a believer. This was discovered with some personal items of President Obama …

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