Can I Get a Trump-Free Evening Please?

I wanted an evening without Donald Trump. It looked to be a good night to sit by a fire outside and have an adult beverage. Of course, that’s most nights for me, but tonight it had an extra appeal to me for whatever reason. That was before I knew Trump held a press conference, and not just any press conference, but the Titanic of press conferences. Sigh! And so we have another night of cable news watching and some blogging. Here are my random thoughts after watching the Trump presser.

Robert E. Lee was a seditious traitor to the USA. He does not deserve a statue anywhere.

I thought Trump liked people who don’t get captured (nod to American war hero Senator John McCain). Robert E. Lee surrendered for God’s sake. That’s worse than getting captured.

George Washington and Thomas Jefferson should never be compared to or even mentioned in the same sentence as seditious traitors Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee.

I was anxious for the next season of “The Man in the High Castle” until today. Now the thought of watching that series is making me very nervous and itchy.

Using Trump’s logic about who to blame for the Charlottesville violence, I guess the USA needs to equally share the blame with Nazi Germany for the violence in WW2.

When Fox News hosts are offended by Trump’s remarks like they were today, I start looking around for dogs sleeping with cats. I started looking today. I found some.

There must have been a monitor on the floor somewhere that Chief of Staff General Kelly was watching all the time while Trump was bloviating.


And finally, the USA will never be the same now that Donald Trump has embraced and defended white supremacists and Nazis. These dark times are unfortunately now illuminated by white power.




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