Can I Get a Trump-Free Evening Please?

I wanted an evening without Donald Trump. It looked to be a good night to sit by a fire outside and have an adult beverage. Of course, that’s most nights for me, but tonight it had an extra appeal to me for whatever reason. That was before I knew Trump held a press conference, and not just any press conference, but the Titanic of press conferences. Sigh! And so we have another night of cable news watching and some blogging. Here are my random thoughts after watching the Trump presser.

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I Did Nazi The Twist Coming That This Movie Review Took

I saw the movie “Dunkirk” yesterday. It was an overall solid movie about the heartbreak of war and the triumph of the human spirit. I am embarrassed to write that going to the movie, I was not certain if it was about WW1 or WW2. In the USA, if history did not happen on American soil or involve Americans, then it is deemed relatively unimportant and actually becomes a bit hazy if it really happened at all. I was disappointed when I realized that the movie was about WW2. I have really had my fill of seeing Nazis in the White House these days. I do not need to see them in the movie theater, too. Fortunately, there is only one brief facial shot of Nazi soldiers right at the end of the movie, making for a poignant ending. Unfortunately, I see more Nazis on cable news every day. Alright, let’s get right to the White House Nazi rankings then …

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Random Thoughts on Sean Spicer’s Gas Problem and the Trump Administration

Trump’s Press Secretary Sean Spicer should leave the anti-Jewish comments to a professional Nazi like Steve Bannon.

The Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh wants to make it perfectly clear that it is definitely NOT one of the “Holocaust Centers” that Sean Spicer referred to that were used by the Nazis to gas Jews in World War 2.

Today is the first day of the Trump Administration where someone other than Trump himself said or tweeted the dumbest statement of the day.

Is there some way that we can get all members of the Trump Administration to fly United Airlines?