I Did Nazi The Twist Coming That This Movie Review Took

I saw the movie “Dunkirk” yesterday. It was an overall solid movie about the heartbreak of war and the triumph of the human spirit. I am embarrassed to write that going to the movie, I was not certain if it was about WW1 or WW2. In the USA, if history did not happen on American soil or involve Americans, then it is deemed relatively unimportant and actually becomes a bit hazy if it really happened at all. I was disappointed when I realized that the movie was about WW2. I have really had my fill of seeing Nazis in the White House these days. I do not need to see them in the movie theater, too. Fortunately, there is only one brief facial shot of Nazi soldiers right at the end of the movie, making for a poignant ending. Unfortunately, I see more Nazis on cable news every day. Alright, let’s get right to the White House Nazi rankings then …

3) Stephen Miller. He has the potential to be #1, but doesn’t get in front of the camera enough. If he tries a bit harder to get out into the general public on a regular basis, the white supremacist rhetoric will just naturally flow from his lips, his public profile will grow and he can easily slither up the rankings.

2) Sebastian Gorka. An unabashed Nazi, Gorka needs a higher position within the White House to rise to be #1. Make no mistake about it, when Gorka is on camera, and he loves being on cable news, there is no Nazi that can out-Nazi him.

1) Steve Bannon still retains the #1 spot, despite not being seen on camera (which is good strategy since he looks like he’s homeless, and that is being unfair to the homeless) or providing many public statements. There are some who maintain that he remains #1 purely on his Breitbart reputation alone, but I would point to the damaging work he does behind-the-scenes from his White House position to justify the top spot.

Dishonorable Mention: Jeff Sessions has the racial purity policy down, but he needs to ratchet-up his inflammatory rhetoric to overtake Miller or Gorka on the list. Still, he has plenty of potential from his position in the Trump Cabinet to inflict lots of hate upon non-whites in America.

I did not intentionally write this blog post. It just sort of happened. Ugh, I need a shower.