I fear my brain is turning to mush. There was a time when I used to go see artsy, foreign films that required interpretation and encouraged spirited conversation. For example, one movie I saw that stands out in my memory was The Tin Drum, an Oscar-winning film from Germany. Here’s what Rotten Tomatoes thinks of The Tin Drum.

The tin drum

Okay, so maybe not great, and what I mainly remember it for was that there were little people in the movie. I’m not sure if they were midgets or dwarfs, but they were definitely little. And I loved Das Boot, another German film that was simply fabulous.

das boot

But neither film makes my list of movies I would take to a remote, deserted island. I always think that’s such a dumb concept since there is no power to run a DVD player on a remote , deserted island. But when I play along, I find more and more ‘dumb’ movies peppering my list of ‘must have on island’ films.

For example …

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I Did Nazi The Twist Coming That This Movie Review Took

I saw the movie “Dunkirk” yesterday. It was an overall solid movie about the heartbreak of war and the triumph of the human spirit. I am embarrassed to write that going to the movie, I was not certain if it was about WW1 or WW2. In the USA, if history did not happen on American soil or involve Americans, then it is deemed relatively unimportant and actually becomes a bit hazy if it really happened at all. I was disappointed when I realized that the movie was about WW2. I have really had my fill of seeing Nazis in the White House these days. I do not need to see them in the movie theater, too. Fortunately, there is only one brief facial shot of Nazi soldiers right at the end of the movie, making for a poignant ending. Unfortunately, I see more Nazis on cable news every day. Alright, let’s get right to the White House Nazi rankings then …

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