I fear my brain is turning to mush. There was a time when I used to go see artsy, foreign films that required interpretation and encouraged spirited conversation. For example, one movie I saw that stands out in my memory was The Tin Drum, an Oscar-winning film from Germany. Here’s what Rotten Tomatoes thinks of The Tin Drum.

The tin drum

Okay, so maybe not great, and what I mainly remember it for was that there were little people in the movie. I’m not sure if they were midgets or dwarfs, but they were definitely little. And I loved Das Boot, another German film that was simply fabulous.

das boot

But neither film makes my list of movies I would take to a remote, deserted island. I always think that’s such a dumb concept since there is no power to run a DVD player on a remote , deserted island. But when I play along, I find more and more ‘dumb’ movies peppering my list of ‘must have on island’ films.

For example …

there’s Caddyshack and Animal House on my list. I don’t care what Rotten Tomatoes has to say about them. They make my list. They are dumb movies full of infantile, adolescent humor. I love them. And by the way, the audience ratings per Rotten Tomatoes are better for both than The Tin Drum.

I also have some classy movies on my list like Manhattan and Casablanca, both well reviewed. Contrary to popular belief, I was not at the premier of Casablanca.

So what’s the problem? I was watching Office Christmas Party the other night and thoroughly enjoying it. I was laughing out loud, also know as loling. My wife got up and went to bed. That’s fine if she was tired, but 8:30 did seem just a bit early to me. I watched the whole movie, and enjoyed it immensely. Here’s the problem …

office christmas party

It’s a bad, bad movie. How did I not notice that?

Then this weekend, we watched Marvel’s Doctor Strange. I found it to be a muddy mess of a film that involved shifting realities and time travel. Yuck. Then I noticed that my wife had stayed to watch the whole movie, and it was well past 8:30. Uh-oh. So I checked.

Doctor strange

Great. Apparently, Doctor Strange is a fine film. The conclusion I make is that my mind is slowly deteriorating and turning to mush. I guess you don’t have to look much further than this blog as proof of that.