Sticker Shock II

If this is Sticker Shock II, should I rename my first post from earlier today as Sticker Shock I? I did not. Anyway, they have identified the bomber as Cesar Sayoc Jr.

cesar soyac

If there is a Cesar Sayoc Sr., I am sure he is so proud. But not about his son’s bombmaking skills. Thankfully, none have detonated. I’m guessing he took his bombmaking course at Trump University.

I hear that as late as 2012, he lived with his mother. That’s always either noble or weird for a 50 year old guy living with his mom. And he was working for a travelling male dance review. If I had to make the choice about living with his mom, I’m going to lean towards weird after hearing about his job.

I checked the genealogy of the Sayoc name. It appears that he is likely Filipino. Does that rule him out as a ‘white’ male? Will Trump vow to stop the caravan of migrants from the Philippines? Does Trump know the Philippines are not in Central America?

We now have a closer look at the van …

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Broken News


Donald Trump honors dead and injured victims of Charlottesville by listening to a Fox News commentator speculate about how many of the victims were paid protesters.


Steve Bannon, Sebastian Gorka and Stephen Miller return to work after spending a guys bonding weekend at an undisclosed location in Virginia.


Jeff Sessions opens Department of Justice investigation into the car attack in Charlottesville per Trump’s retweet …

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I Did Nazi The Twist Coming That This Movie Review Took

I saw the movie “Dunkirk” yesterday. It was an overall solid movie about the heartbreak of war and the triumph of the human spirit. I am embarrassed to write that going to the movie, I was not certain if it was about WW1 or WW2. In the USA, if history did not happen on American soil or involve Americans, then it is deemed relatively unimportant and actually becomes a bit hazy if it really happened at all. I was disappointed when I realized that the movie was about WW2. I have really had my fill of seeing Nazis in the White House these days. I do not need to see them in the movie theater, too. Fortunately, there is only one brief facial shot of Nazi soldiers right at the end of the movie, making for a poignant ending. Unfortunately, I see more Nazis on cable news every day. Alright, let’s get right to the White House Nazi rankings then …

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Random Trump Thoughts

When Trump was speaking to the Boy Scouts, Trump seemed way too comfortable to me while making a fiery political speech to a crowd of brown-shirted people.

I find it interesting that Trump continually rails against White House “leakers,” but in one of his first TV interviews on Sunday, Trump’s new Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci revealed that Trump himself was the “anonymous” source for one of the leaks Scaramucci was quoting.

Only Donald Trump can make POS Attorney General Jeff Sessions appear to be a pitiable character.



Don’t Seek The Music; Be The Music

Let me just start out by saying that the title of this blog makes no sense except that this post is about music and my quest to become one with music. You will only find out at the very end if I reached that lofty goal. I workshopped many alternate blog post titles, and they all sucked as much as this one, so what’s the point of even trying? It’s good enough (maybe too good?) for the likes of us.

Moving on, this is my longest blog post ever, and perhaps the longest ever in the history of blogging. I have no interest in checking, so let’s just take my vague hunch as gospel truth that this is a record-setting post. It is chock full of nonsensical words in a seemingly random order that would rival a Sean Spicer press conference, links to older posts (in a pathetic attempt to increase views), pictures, animated gifs and video links. If you are not up for a herculean, visually-stimulating blog post, bail out now. Warning, do not click the “Continue reading.”

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