Strange Election

The special Alabama Republican Senate primary was a very strange election indeed, although Strange was not elected. Allow me to explain …

When Jeff Sessions joined Donald Trump’s Cabinet, he vacated his Senate seat in Alabama. Think about that for a minute. Alabama elected a racist like Jeff Sessions to the Senate. Let that sink in. When Sessions abandoned his Senate seat, that opened it up for a special election.

In the meantime, while Alabama was readying itself for a special election, the Governor of Alabama at the time, Robert Bentley, appointed Luther Strange to keep the Senate seat warm until the special election. Bentley then resigned from office due to an adulterous affair. Ah, that’s the beauty of the great state of Alabama. The only thing that surprises me is that Bentley’s affair was not with a sibling or first cousin. Kind of progressive of him. Anyway, Strange towed the Republican party line well and aligned with Trump 100%.

In this special primary election, Strange received support and the endorsement of Donald Trump, which is very unusual for a primary election that the White House would throw support behind a candidate. Some would call it very strange.

Now it may seem natural to oppose the Trump-supported candidate Luther Strange. But what’s the option? This guy …


Yep, that’s crazy Roy Moore brandishing a gun during a campaign rally. That’s the same Roy Moore who was disciplined and removed as Chief Justice of Alabama not once, but twice. That’s Alabama for you. Remove their Chief Justice from the bench, and they’ll just vote him back in at the next election. After the second removal, Moore set his sights on a loftier goal, the US Senate.

Backing Roy Moore was Steve Bannon. Yep, that Steve Bannon, the homeless guy impersonator and former Trump adviser.

Bannon Moore Rally

Can someone please give that guy a cup of soup, shower and a makeover? That’s how he looked at the Roy Moore campaign rally when Moore pulled a gun. Maybe he wanted to look homeless so Moore wouldn’t rob him with the gun.

That set up Trump-backed candidate and sitting incumbent Senator Luther Strange vs. Bannon-backed disgraced former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore. Despite that (or since this is Alabama, maybe because of that) almost half a million Republicans went to the polls and overwhelmingly chose Roy Moore.

Yep, they chose that crazy Roy Moore …

  • Obama birther
  • Believer that Sharia law is taking over the United States
  • Homosexual hater
  • Ten Commandment lover

What’s the solution? Well, Democratic candidate Doug Jones could win.

laughing spitting

Oh right … Alabama. Their state tourist office uses the advertising campaign “Visit the Third World without leaving the USA.” Roy Moore will surely become a US State Senator before the end of the year. I would suggest you let that sink in, but I am sure you don’t like throwing up in your mouth.

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