Those Poor People

Donald Trump is finally paying some attention to the victims of the hurricanes that devastated Puerto Rico. He sent out this series of tweets explaining their plight …

Trump Tweet PR Wall Street

The good news is that Puerto Rico is doing well with respect to food, water and medical services. Whew! That CNN and MSNBC must really be fake news after all since they are reporting a Puerto Rico that is suffering from a lack of food, water and medical services.

But thank God that Trump is focused on the real victim of the Puerto Rico disaster here …

Wall Street.

Yes, that is indeed a sad situation and we can only hope that Wall Street somehow recovers the billions of dollars that Puerto Rico owes. Might I suggest since we do have federal workers there now, maybe they can take up a collection among Puerto Ricans to help pay back Wall Street.

Let’s see, from what the interweb tells me, Puerto Rico is in debt by about $123 billion. There are approximately 3.4 million Puerto Ricans. My calculator doesn’t have enough spaces to handle those numbers, but I was somehow able to calculate that each resident of Puerto Rico owes about $36,176 to Wall Street. I sure hope that the people of Puerto Rico grabbed their wallets and purses when they fled their destroyed or flooded homes. While Puerto Ricans are busy enjoying all the food, water and medical resources available to them these days, they’ll need their wallets and purses if they are going to help bail out the real hurricane victim identified by Donald Trump … his good buddy … Wall Street.