Fantasy Meets Hurricane Reality

Each week I am changing my family league fantasy football team name and logo to tweak my Trump-loving relatives in the league. Last week, this guy’s mug was the logo for my team, the Mueller Marauders.

Mueller grimace

You can read the details HERE.

This week, I was stymied. I had a team name of the Sanders Raised Eyebrows planned, but there is a character limit on team names. “Mine is too long,” I said for the first time ever.

Sarah sanders eyes

However, I am happy with my alternate choice for this week.

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No man is an island … but Puerto Rico is!

On the disaster in Puerto Rico, yesterday Donald Trump demonstrated that he had a clear understanding of the gravity of the situation … “This is an island surrounded by water, big water, ocean water.” I may be hard on Trump sometimes, but in fairness to him, I think he’s got a pretty good handle on the “islandosity” of Puerto Rico. He really nailed it. Puerto Rico is indeed an island in the ocean.

And then he made this promise to the people of Puerto Rico …

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