Boiling Mad

We received this notice on our door this morning …


My wife had woken me at 1AM to tell me our water was shut-off. That kind of ruined the surprise of finding the notice on the front door in the morning. Spoiler alert next time please! After she woke me and I wandered aimlessly around the house trying faucets, I agreed that we had no water. That’s Step 1 in solving any mystery … verifying there is a mystery to begin with. Then I took a peek outside and could see no lawn sprinklers being used. Hmmm, even our neighbors weren’t using water outside in the middle of the night in sub-freezing temperatures to water their lawns. They must not have water either, but how could I be sure? There was only one clear course of action for me. I immediately went back to bed.

Dawn broke. We arose, totally unaware that our lives would never be the same in our topsy-turvy, boiling water world. We found the notice on our door. We implemented the boil order. That’s when the casualties started piling up.

Unfortunately for our family, our pet fish did not survive the boil order. That’s 7 casualties right there, but at least we have dinner (or at least appetizers) tonight.

Despite the casualties and the inconvenience of boiling water for drinking, brushing teeth, washing fruit, wet t-shirt contests, etc., I am grateful. This could be a lot worse. Donald Trump could have been in charge of getting us fresh water rather than our local municipality. Those poor people in Puerto Rico.

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