Fantasy Feud

The NFL season has begun. That means my fantasy football season has begun. That means my fantasy feuding with my Trump-loving relatives in my family’s fantasy football league has begun. Say that 3 times fast.

I explained in a prior post about my plan to tweak the Trumpkin relatives in my family’s fantasy football league with Trump-baiting team names. I entered our online draft as the DC United Patriots with this team logo.

patriots logo

That elicited nary a comment. Who can complain about someone with a patriotic team name and logo? So for week 1, I decided to turn up the tweaking a bit. Here’s my week 1 team logo …

Mueller grimace

No, that’s not Robert De Niro. This is Robert De Niro on the left and Robert Mueller on the right.

deniro mueller

Same disgusted grimace, likely due to what is going on in this country. For week 1 of the fantasy football season, I am proud to announce that Robert Mueller’s grimaced mug is the face of my fantasy football franchise that I now call Mueller’s Marauders. Next week, I will turn up the heat further as my family fantasy franchise will morph again into a new Trump-baiting look.

That is, if there even is a next week. Thursday night was the first NFL game, and I already won big in a daily fantasy football game.

Draftkings Trophy

If the rest of the games I play in week 1 turn out like that one did, I may cash in my winnings, skip the rest of the season, and retire to a tropical island. I mean, we are talking fantasy here.

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