Is Chicago Dangerous?

In my real life, I have a customer who is terrified of Chicago. I’m guessing he listened to Trump and Fox News as they have framed Chicago like a war zone. My customer would always warn me about staying away from Chicago. We love to visit the city, and have never felt in danger. Chicago is truly one of the great cities in the world. I finally told my customer in no uncertain terms about what a wonderful city Chicago is, and I haven’t heard anything about Chicago from him since then. Good! If I want to hear lies, I’ll tune in directly to Fox News.

Look, Chicago is a big city, and murders happen, mostly with guns coming from deep red Republican Indiana. Damn Hoosiers! Chicago has almost 2.7 million people within its city limits including my 2 oldest children. They live in a neighborhood that 30 years ago was dangerous. Now, that neighborhood is absolutely delightful … except for the rats. The rats chewed through wiring in my son’s car, and my daughter has seen rats in her apartment’s basement while doing laundry. I noticed this rat-related sign during our last visit to see our kids in Chicago.

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Alabama – Come for the Rape & Stay for the Incest

With the signing of their landmark anti-abortion bill into law, Alabama legislators are reaching out to an often overlooked demographic … male sexual predators who want a family. Alabama’s new anti-abortion law makes no exception in cases of rape or incest, so Alabama has instantly become a desirable destination for sexual predators looking to start a family.

Alabama State Senator Cletus “Skeeter” Fairborn, who voted ‘yes’ on the new law, explained his vote, “Look, Alabama is losing population for some reason. We got to get us some new citizens. Sexual predators are not welcome most places, but here in Alabama we love Judge Roy Moore. He’s a great role model of a sexual predator who has been able to lead a successful life in Alabama. Alabama would be lucky to have more people like Roy Moore moving into the state. Roll Tide!”

Alabama’s new law includes an amendment that provides a financial incentive of $1000 per household for each relative that the household entices to move to Alabama, as long as the relative is a convicted sexual predator, or willing to learn through taking state-approved classes. Skeeter continued, “Family life is real important to us here in Alabama, and what better way is there to expand our families than from healthy breeding stock within our own families?”

When asked to comment on why she didn’t veto the bill that takes control over women’s bodies away from women, Governor Kay Ivey explained, “I’m a woman. I have no control over what my body does.”

She certainly does not any longer.

Moore Changes Coming

Today is election day in Alabama for the Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions. The Alabama GOP and the RNC have done everything possible to replace a racist with a racist, homophobic, misogynistic, evangelical Christian alleged pedophile. Say that 3 times fast. If Alabama does send Roy Moore to the US Senate, plans can move forward with the following changes for Alabama …

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More for Moore

It didn’t take long for Donald Trump and the RNC (Republican National Committee) to cave and re-endorse and support Alabama Republican Senate candidate and accused pedophile Roy Moore. Once they saw that Moore would not cede his candidacy to another less controversial candidate, and that the Democrats could actually win the Alabama Senate seat, Trump and the rest of the GOP (Gang Of Pedophiles?) came scurrying back to Roy Moore’s defense and more importantly, his aid financially. Well, most of the GOP did. Here’s an exception …

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Shades of Abuse

I’m having a hard time getting my arms around the recent allegations of sexual abuse towards nationally known politicians. I certainly support getting these out in the open, if only to make sure that this kind of behavior ends. What I’m struggling with is how to judge the seriousness of the charges.

For example, Senator Al Franken has admitted that this is him in this picture putting his hands on the breasts of Leeann Tweeden.


At the time, Franken was a comedian on a USO tour with Tweeden, obviously posing in this shot for comic effect. That does not change the fact that doing so without her consent was wrong.

But then I see this video of Tweeden introducing Robin Williams like this …

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Jonesing for Votes

As a committed Democrat, I am thrilled that Democratic Senate candidate Doug Jones has a chance to win the Alabama Senate seat in the December special election as he goes up against accused sexual predator Roy Moore. However, as a marketing and sales professional, I am less than thrilled at the lackluster logo his campaign is using …

doug jones

Of course, I have weighed-in and offered my marketing and sales acumen to the Jones campaign along with this new logo …

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Moore or Less?

If you haven’t been paying attention, Democrats are absolutely giddy over the latest accusations of child molestation that have been levied against Bible-thumping, Ten Commandments-loving, homosexual-hating Republican Senate candidate for Alabama Roy Moore. In case you have been watching Fox News where the top story is that Hillary Clinton is now selling the USA’s uranium out of the trunk of her car, here is a link to the Washington Post story  that broke the news get you up to speed.

Some Democrats think that this will lead to a Senate victory in a couple weeks for Democratic Senate candidate Doug Jones in the special Alabama election. To those Democrats, I would say …

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