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It didn’t take long for Donald Trump and the RNC (Republican National Committee) to cave and re-endorse and support Alabama Republican Senate candidate and accused pedophile Roy Moore. Once they saw that Moore would not cede his candidacy to another less controversial candidate, and that the Democrats could actually win the Alabama Senate seat, Trump and the rest of the GOP (Gang Of Pedophiles?) came scurrying back to Roy Moore’s defense and more importantly, his aid financially. Well, most of the GOP did. Here’s an exception …

Flake Check

That’s a check from Arizona Republican Senator Jeff Flake who donated 100 bucks to Roy Moore’s Democratic challenger, noting “Country over Party.” Hey Jeff, where was that sentiment when you voted along party lines for that heinous abomination of a tax bill?

The Moore campaign is eagerly embracing the renewed GOP support the way Moore would embrace a high school cheerleader. Here’s one group openly supporting Moore …

moore trump poster text - Copy

Shame on me, but I had not heard of that group before. I hear they meet monthly at local high schools across the country.

The Moore campaign is no longer wasting their energy denying the accusations, but is diving head-first into the issue with this campaign poster …

Moore poster text added 2 - Copy

Indeed he does. Heck, many prominent Alabama families can trace their roots to pedophilia or incest or both (known as the ‘Bama Twofer). Old joke … Alabama foreplay … Hey Sis, you awake?

Roy Moore may indeed win the Alabama Senate seat next week. Regardless of the results, it is a Lose-Lose proposition for Republicans. If Moore loses, the Republicans lose a Senate seat. If Moore wins, every Democrat running in every race across the country in 2018 can hang Roy Moore around their Republican opponent’s neck, reminding voters that Republicans elected an accused pedophile. Pedophilia just doesn’t play as well in most of the USA as it does in Alabama.

And apologies to my UK followers who prefer paedophile in a spelling sense, not a literal sense. I just don’t have the money to splurge on extra vowels these days in the USA with the Republican tax bill looming on the horizon, ready to send my money to a rich guy. You are going to have to settle for pedophile. Hey, that could be another brilliant Roy Moore campaign slogan! You’re welcome Roy!

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