Mite Be Funny #132 – Special Multi-Panel Republican Primary Edition

Mite Be Funny #132a Flake Primary Challenge

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Well, Now What?

Now that Bart O’Kavanaugh has been confirmed to the US Supreme Court, I think we have learned a few things.

First, Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski deserves some respect. She listened to her constituents, and voted in a way to represent their wishes. I hear that useless bag of creepy skin filled with idiocy and oozing out word jumbles known as Sarah Palin is threatening to primary Murkowski in 2020. Newsflash! Murkowski was already primaried in the last Senate election in 2010 by her beloved Republican party, and she still won the general election as a freakin’ write-in candidate. Do you know how hard it is to spell Murkowski?

Q: What Democrat looks like a Republican, talks like a Republican, and votes like a Republican?

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Invisible Glasses

I am still scratching my head trying to figure out how all the Republican senators on the Judiciary Committee can turn their back on non-investigated sexual assault charges and vote to pass along SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh for a full Senate vote. Maybe it is because of the invisible glasses that Orrin Hatch wears that allows him to see the truth that we cannot see.

Hatch glasses.gif

Maybe it is because Lindsey Graham can’t imagine sexually assaulting a female. I wonder what kind of kompromat the Russians are holding over Graham’s head that have made him take such a 180 degree turn and become such a Trump toadie. Just look at the change …

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More for Moore

It didn’t take long for Donald Trump and the RNC (Republican National Committee) to cave and re-endorse and support Alabama Republican Senate candidate and accused pedophile Roy Moore. Once they saw that Moore would not cede his candidacy to another less controversial candidate, and that the Democrats could actually win the Alabama Senate seat, Trump and the rest of the GOP (Gang Of Pedophiles?) came scurrying back to Roy Moore’s defense and more importantly, his aid financially. Well, most of the GOP did. Here’s an exception …

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