Well, Now What?

Now that Bart O’Kavanaugh has been confirmed to the US Supreme Court, I think we have learned a few things.

First, Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski deserves some respect. She listened to her constituents, and voted in a way to represent their wishes. I hear that useless bag of creepy skin filled with idiocy and oozing out word jumbles known as Sarah Palin is threatening to primary Murkowski in 2020. Newsflash! Murkowski was already primaried in the last Senate election in 2010 by her beloved Republican party, and she still won the general election as a freakin’ write-in candidate. Do you know how hard it is to spell Murkowski?

Q: What Democrat looks like a Republican, talks like a Republican, and votes like a Republican?

A: Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia.

I have a trade offer. Democrats will trade Joe Manchin to Republicans for Lisa Murkowski. The sooner Manchin officially turns to the Dark Side, the better. I know Democrats need to win as many Senate seats as possible next month, but can a Republican be any worse than Manchin?

Don’t answer that. All those Republican Senators are reprehensible sub-human creatures (and I use the word ‘creature’ charitably) without souls. That includes the giver of beautiful, inspiring speeches, Jeff Flake, who proved once again that he is nothing but an empty suit. Spare us those pained expressions and impassioned speeches Jeff. He falls right in line with Trump for every important vote.

And don’t even get me started on Susan Collins. Sounds like former Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice may consider a run at the Collins seat in 2020.Susan Rice Tweet

Susan Collins promised Mainites or Mainers (or is it Mainiacs?) no more than two terms from her when she was first elected in 1996. Who would have guessed a Republican would break a promise? It looks like Rice may need to ‘help’ Collins ‘retire’ with as much dignity as a Republican can muster in 2020. And whoever her opponent is, Democrats  have $3 million already raised for that campaign.

I learned that I am ready to support any Democratic candidate in 2020 that supports increasing the Supreme Court size from 9 to 11 justices. So far, I have only heard Michael Avenatti support that. I am hoping I will hear that from others. Please. I want Michael Avenatti as my attorney, but probably not my president.

I also learned that I will support any Democratic candidate in 2020 who comes out swinging. Forget about going high when Republicans go low. That sounds so antiquated now. Let’s get high and go low to give those Republicans some nut punches before and after the bell rings. Weak Democratic candidates and leadership may step aside. It’s brawling time.

I felt like I had taken a nut punch this weekend after the Kavanaugh die was cast. It was a battle lost, a BIG battle lost. But it was just a battle. Next BIG battle is on November 6th, the mid-term elections. That battle is winnable. To what end? Winning the House means all sorts of investigations and public hearings into Trump finances and possibly Kavanaugh’s fitness as a Supreme Court Justice. We can kneecap Trump’s plans and possibly force him to resign. But Democrats must win this battle and the House first on November 6th.

So, I slowly got back on the horse and went canvassing on Sunday. Not a lot. My political sensibilities were still stinging and raw. But enough to feel good again when people who opened the doors assured me that they would be voting Democratic. And then two watershed moments happened for me.

The first was when I dropped some Democratic candidate literature off at a staunch Republican neighbor’s house. I thought he was just humoring me when he had agreed to take some. Nope. He told me today he was voting straight Democratic. I admit I got a little verklempt.


I became further emboldened and asked a mixed political family (husband Republican & wife Democrat) if they would allow a candidate sign in their back yard facing a busy street. They agreed. I planted that sign in their yard before they could reconsider.

Zettler sign

The battle for November 6th is still undecided and rages on for another month. Doing nothing is tantamount to surrender. Losing is not an option for Democrats.

Act.     Vote.     Win.






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  1. Thanks, Jim. Poignant, as always. In spite of the hopeful, accomplished folks at our Casten house party, when I realized how the Court vote was going to go, I, too, fell away, actually got physically sick for two days last week, grieving the horror show and wouldn’t even leave the house, as if I was feeling anticipatory grief for another election loss. (Run-on sentence excused under the circumstances.)But then I remembered that feeling despair is exactly what the Dark Side wants from us. To give up. To lose all faith in government. To become vacant-eyed automatons. So, I’ll get back out there this week and talk to real people and feed off that energy and try to feel hope enough to get to take that cleansing breath at election victory celebrations.

    In peace, with hope, ME

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    1. Losing battles is depressing, but that’s what happens in a war. If one side always wins, it is not a war. It means one side has lost or surrendered. We have not. We have to focus on what is within our power to help win the war. Elect JB Pritzker as Governor of Illinois. He will help make Illinois a sanctuary state protected from Trump’s damaging policies to healthcare, environment, economy, etc. We can elect Democratic US House members like Sean Casten (IL06) and Lauren Underwood (IL14) to flip US House seats from red to blue. Chicago Sun-Times reports a poll showing Casten up 5 points over Roskam. Hope! And we need to elect state and local Dems to support JB Pritzker’s initiatives and control local government. Fight on.


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