Rock On!

By now you may have heard about this story …

Hill Tweet Brooks

That’s Mo Brooks, House Representative from Alabama who is pushing that theory. Roll Damn Tide, and let’s hope the Crimson Tide can take that village idiot right out to sea. However, he does have visual proof to offer …

skipping stones

C’mon buddy, you’re not helping.  Can’t we all just skip the rock throwing?

I may have to admit that in theory, if there were two identical oceans side-by-side, the ocean a rock is thrown into will theoretically have higher water levels. But I will only admit that if I can attempt to prove that theory by throwing all Republican politicians into the ocean.

fall into ocean

Do I need to measure water levels after they are all in the water? Nah, I’m good.

It should be obvious thanks to overwhelming scientific evidence that humans have caused climate change which has resulted in sea level rise. So let’s be smart and do what we can to turn this around.

rocks break into water

C’mon now, no more rocks and ice in the water, please. You’re just encouraging Mo Brooks.

fat fall into water

Nope, that is absolutely not going to help the situation either, but it is entertaining.

Maybe we need to learn from nature and tread lightly when it comes to our oceans.

lizard on water

We definitely need mo’ caring for our planet and not Mo Brooks. Les Brooks would be just fine by me.