The Sex Clams are Coming!

I see that even a local Alabama newspaper like the Times Daily in Florence, Alabama is covering the Roy Moore sex scandal with this headline story that I swear is real …

Sex Clams

I don’t know about you, but that headline not only made me want to read the story, but also made me a bit hungry and horny.

And what a great name for a band! Now appearing in the Pisces Lounge, please put your hands together for The Sex Clams. They’ll be playing all their hits like …

  • Not Tonight, I Have a Haddock
  • Eel Be Missing You
  • Our Love is Floundering
  • Can’t You Seaweed Be Good Together
  • You’re Too Shellfish With Your Love

OK, OK, enough with the bad seafood puns already. When will someone finally see these terrible blog posts for what they really are … a desperate cry for kelp.

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