Waging War on Holidays

As DC burns with the fire of a pending Trump impeachment, the Nerotic fools at Fox News once again fiddle around with creating a new battle in the fictional War on Christmas as a shiny distraction from Trump’s crimes.

War on christmas tree

I have NEVER heard anyone describe a Christmas tree as a Holiday tree. If I ever did, I would tell them that it’s a Christmas tree, but they can call it a Covfefe Hamberder for all I care. As far as Fox News goes, it looks like they are making Trump look foolish once again (shooting fish in a barrel) since Trump said everyone would be saying “Merry Christmas” with him in charge. Mission Accomplished?

Mission accomplished trump

I think not. Happy Holidays. I can’t wait to chop down and trim our Covfefe Hamberder this holiday season. The Resistance continues.

Is Trump Right About Fake News?

I’m confused, which everyone who has ever read this blog already knows. I think Donald Trump is correct when he complains about ‘Fake News.’ I am starting to believe it exists.

Take this video from Judge Jeanine Pirro from Fox News on Michael Flynn. You may want to skip to the very end where Pirro suggests that Judge Sullivan could throw out Flynn’s guilty plea.

Did you watch the whole video? Did you throw up in your mouth just a bit in parts like I did? Understandable. This “judge throws out Flynn’s guilty plea due to FBI wrongdoing” narrative had been pushed by Fox News and White House talking heads for a while. Instead, Judge Emmet Sullivan, a Reagan appointee, excoriated Flynn in a blistering diatribe to the point of dropping the treason bomb as a possible additional charge. Oops.

And what about the Clinton Foundation?

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Covfefe & Eggs


Sarah Sanders declined to comment to a waitress this morning as to what she would like in her coffee and how she would like her eggs cooked. At (redacted) Grill, Sanders was overheard to say, “Those questions were answered yesterday. I will not keep addressing the same questions, especially those that refer to an ongoing breakfast.”

Rudy Giuliani is expected to clear up the Sanders breakfast controvery on Fox News later today.

What I Hate About Tucker

What do I hate about Tucker Carlson? A LOT! I would exceed my longest post ever if I tried to list my Tucker hate points while also exposing my mental instability charming eccentricity that I have tried so hard to hide from the authorities. I despise him and his smarmy smugness, along with his complete inability to make a rational argument. But what I despise about him most is this …


That look. Arrrgh! It makes me so mad. That cocked-head, slack-jawed look with vertical brow furrows right between his eyes that he uses to convey that he thinks whoever is speaking to him is a complete idiot who makes no sense at all. That look makes me want to peel the skin off his face and make another a lampshade out of it.

Wow, that helps. I feel much better. OK, back to burying the body in the crawlspace work. I’ll just turn on my favorite lamp …