What I Hate About Tucker

What do I hate about Tucker Carlson? A LOT! I would exceed my longest post ever if I tried to list my Tucker hate points while also exposing my mental instability charming eccentricity that I have tried so hard to hide from the authorities. I despise him and his smarmy smugness, along with his complete inability to make a rational argument. But what I despise about him most is this …


That look. Arrrgh! It makes me so mad. That cocked-head, slack-jawed look with vertical brow furrows right between his eyes that he uses to convey that he thinks whoever is speaking to him is a complete idiot who makes no sense at all. That look makes me want to peel the skin off his face and make another a lampshade out of it.

Wow, that helps. I feel much better. OK, back to burying the body in the crawlspace work. I’ll just turn on my favorite lamp …


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