Ivermectin? No, I Don’t Vermectin. You Shouldn’t Either.

Yesterday, the mites delivered an anti-Ivermectin cartoon on this blog that blew up the internet. No, wait, I may have gotten that slightly wrong. I’ll try that again. Yesterday, the mites delivered an anti-Ivermectin cartoon on this blog that blew. That’s more like it. Anyway, the mites joined a legion of others that are begging people not to take livestock dewormer Ivermectin for Covid. Here’s known cable news smarty-pants Rachel Maddow trying to explain why people are taking a livestock dewormer for Covid.

Oh, right, Fox News. There are potential side effects, like death. And take a look at what has happened to conservative pundit Ann Coulter after taking Ivermectin.

Hey, Ann, why the long face? You can try, but you can’t convince me that’s not her.

I find it ironic that conservatives call liberals sheep, but now they are taking this stuff that is literally for sheep.

If you like sheep memes, maybe you’ll like this one, too.

You know someone is making a fortune with this Ivermectin craze, probably Republican lawmakers heavily invested in Ivermectin manufacturer Merck’s stock that has grown in value by about 10% over the past few months. How’s that for investigative reporting?

Also ironic is that Ivermectin tablets have microchips in them so the ranchers can keep track of which animals got dosed.

Okay, so that’s a photoshopped pic, but not a bad one by somebody out there in the interweb-o-sphere. And tablets? Pu-leeze. Reports are that the apple flavored Ivermectin paste is what is really selling out fast. Yum.

Now, one more time, all together now … IT’S FOR HORSES AND LIVESTOCK!

I’m getting a bit hoarse from talking about it. Don’t take it. See your family doctor or go to a hospital if you have Covid.

If you don’t have Covid, wear a mask, get vaccinated, eat healthy, get plenty of sleep and exercise. If you must horse around, try this form of exercise.

You get a break today. I can’t promote my book of short stories about the afterlife after such a silly video. Yes, that is a link in the previous sentence just in case you want to check out my book without me actually promoting it.


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