Once Again, I Lost but Still Won

If you recall, I came in 4th in the April elections, but still won a seat on my local township board. Well, here we go again, but this time I did even worse and still won. I entered my book of short stories in a competition, mainly to get a “professional” review. Well, I’m not sure how professional the review is, but I can’t argue with its accuracy. See what you think. Here’s the review.

“Beyond: Tales of the Afterlife by James J Flanigan is a slightly
morbid collection of fiction short stories with a dash of humor. Every
one of us has wondered at least once what happens after death.
This book will be the right fit for those interested in the afterlife. All
sixteen original stories are a perfect blend of dark humor and
barroom philosophy. They include stories from the past, present,
and possible future. From seeing a very different form of God to a
deal with a rebel angel, this collection has everything you could
want. Written to make its readers laugh and think about life’s
ultimate destination, this book is bound to blow your mind!
James J Flanigan hit the ball out of the park with his collection of
short stories. I love how James vividly described each scene,
allowing me to properly understand what the character is facing
and what he is feeling. Each sentence within these tales advances
the plot and serves a purpose. James has interesting concepts for
each short story, for example, ‘Doggone.’ My favorite short story
would have to be ‘A pop star and a deal with the devil,’ seeing as I
find it ironic that little things can make humans drastically want to
end their lives. Each story made me laugh, just as it has made me
rethink my perception of life after death. Beyond: Tales of the
Afterlife definitely doesn’t hold any punches back, and it’s a book
not to be missed!”

Not bad, but I wasn’t expecting anything from the competition based upon that review. So, what was the result?

I finished in 5th place and won the right to place this digital sticker tastefully on my book cover.

How’s this look?

I told my wife I won the award for 5th place. She asked what the award was. I told her that was it. But as it turns out, I was oh so very wrong. Take a look at these additional goodies.

It turns out I get to go to the Awards Ceremony … in Florida … a COVID hotspot. Thanks a lot, FL Gov. Ron DeSantis. I wonder if the 6th place author gets 2 invitations. But I was glad to see that saner heads have prevailed.

So, the 2020, 2021, and 2022 Awards Ceremonies will be combined into one gala event at the end of 2022, assuming anyone is still alive in Florida to host the event. Will I go? It’s doubtful. Now if I had medaled, that would be another story. I would go and so do this.

Why don’t you take a bite out of an AWARD-WINNING book of tasty AWARD-WINNING stories written by an AWARD-WINNING author? Click this link buy my AWARD-WINNING book for under a buck!


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