The Return of … Random Thoughts

I haven’t published a Random Thoughts post in years, and I acknowledge the public outcry, or lack thereof. One of those two. I am responding with a potentially triumphant return Random Thoughts post. So, let’s dive right into my alleged mind.

This current Applebee’s commercial makes me want to NEVER eat at an Applebee’s again.

Our governor has reinstated a mask mandate in the state of Illinois, and it is great. It saves me so much time, because with the mask on when I am out in public, I can get away with less frequent nose hair timmings.

I went to see a Chicago Bears football game, and a text from a friend got me thinking about what could have been if they hadn’t named the league the National Football League. It is always awkward to refer to the players as NFLers. If they had some foresight, they would have named the league the League of American Football. Then they could have referrred to players as LOAFers.

This past weekend I went to a demonstration for voting rights, went to a Chicago Bears game with brunch before, watched a couple very funny episodes of Netflix’s new Chicago Party Aunt series, and went to a fun neighborhood party where I was asked about my award-winning book of short stories by an old woman. Tell you about my book? Yes, please! Three hours later, I could see the desperation in the old woman’s eyes as she looked for any way out. I know she contemplated the blessed relief that death (or at least a medical crisis like a stroke) could bring. I wrapped-up my thoughts and comments quickly over the next hour. But after all those activities, the highlight of my weekend was when I was successfully able to self-drain a small sebaceous cyst on my right shoulder blade, although trimming my fingernails before the party was almost as equally satisfying.


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