Random Thoughts for a Rainy Day

What better time is it to explore the depths of my reportedly absent mind than a rainy day? So without further ado (and further adon’t), I offer you another edition of my Random Thoughts.

My dog is now losing her puppy teeth.

Lola tooth

Does that mean a new necklace for my wife is in her future?

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More Random Thoughts

I have lots of random thoughts. My wife has traditionally been the recipient of most of those when I word vomit up those odd ideas and musings, but she has recently taken to wearing some noise-canceling headphones around the house, not even connected to music. Next in line are my loyal and even disloyal followers, so here we go with more random thoughts …

I always know it is time to cut my toenails when I’m swimming in our pool and get very nervous that I’ll tear our pool liner.

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