Random Thoughts for a Rainy Day

What better time is it to explore the depths of my reportedly absent mind than a rainy day? So without further ado (and further adon’t), I offer you another edition of my Random Thoughts.

My dog is now losing her puppy teeth.

Lola tooth

Does that mean a new necklace for my wife is in her future?

I recently took the “post your credit card on Facebook” challenge. Is it a coincidence that my credit card now has fraudulent charges on it?

Credit Card

My credit card company called me due to the suspected fraudulent charges, but I declined to report them as such. The rewards program is so good for this card that I’m going to let the fraud ride for a while to collect more points.

I drive monthly between Chicago and St Louis. There are ZERO radio stations that are listenable once I get beyond Chicago radio station range, unless I choose to listen to Country and/or Western music. I choose not to do so. On my last vehicle, I enjoyed Sirius satellite radio, for which I grudgingly paid a monthly subscription. But my new vehicle does not offer satellite radio, so I was a little bummed until I discovered the Sirius satellite radio app for my phone …


I get 30 days free on my phone. Rather than pay the monthly Sirius subscription rate, I am considering just getting a new phone every month.


It does my heart good to see tweets like this from my eldest daughter …

KT Tweets

No, I’m not thrilled about my daughter riding around Chicago covered in cat hair on dangerous trains. I am encouraged that despite her not getting or liking a lot of my jokes, it appears that my daughter has my same sense of quirky humor.