Monkey See, Monkey Do

First, apologies to monkeys. I did not want to drag you into the swamp called the Trump administration, but I was missing a title and that one seemed appropriate and did not require much thought.

By now, you may have seen this.

Pence water bottle.gif

I just wish Trump had also tried kissing Melania. Would Pence have tried, too? Probably not as Melania I am sure would have fended off Trump’s amorous attempt. She has been able to protect herself from less so far that we have seen …

melania smacks hand

Hands off the merchandise Trump! Could she evade a kiss? I think so. The old geezer is 72 and has Kentucky Fried Chicken grease coursing through his veins instead of blood. I think she responds with  the classic and timeless head bob and a slap.

kiss and slap

Hey Buster, not here. Maybe Pence comes in and takes the slap for him, or maybe Melania just gets them both.

stooges slap.gif

3 Stooges indeed. Where’s Rudy to make the trio of Trump administration stooges complete? But to Rudy’s credit, even Rudy wouldn’t stand for Trump’s advances.

Rudy drag

Kind of a drag for Trump, and Rudy.