Monkey See, Monkey Do

First, apologies to monkeys. I did not want to drag you into the swamp called the Trump administration, but I was missing a title and that one seemed appropriate and did not require much thought.

By now, you may have seen this.

Pence water bottle.gif

I just wish Trump had also tried kissing Melania. Would Pence have tried, too? Probably not as Melania I am sure would have fended off Trump’s amorous attempt. She has been able to protect herself from less so far that we have seen …

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We at Jim Flanigan Looks at the World are exclusively reporting that supposed Mar-a-Lago New Year’s Eve revelers Donald and Melania Trump were actually their animatronic robot doubles from Disney World’s Hall of Presidents. Guests were tipped off to something being awry when Trump spoke in uncharacteristically complete sentences that made sense, and Melania exuded warmth, although that may have been from her robot’s CPU.