Trump Threatens Cruz’s Wife

It seems completely normal to hear that Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump is threatening Ted Cruz, but now the wives are involved, the gloves are off and food may be spilled.

After an anti-Trump PAC tweeted out revealing pictures of Melania Trump from a GQ photoshoot, husband Donald came to her aid and threatened via twitter to “spill the beans” on Heidi Cruz. He didn’t provide more details about what dirt he was planning to dish on Heidi. I hope it is not the police report from 11 years ago that indicated she was having some mental health incident. Yawn. I mean, she MARRIED Ted Cruz. I think anyone would have mental health challenges being married to that creepy guy.

My hope is that the Trump-Cruz feud escalates and the blood becomes badder between them. I want to see Donald Trump literally spill beans on Heidi Cruz.

Spilled beans

Nice try Office Kevin, but a little higher please. I want to see Heidi Cruz make this face again as beans cascade into her lap …

heidi cruz repulsed