Melania’s Got Taste

Melania tweet gross.jpg

OK, so I may have altered that just a bit. But she does think he’s gross. If you haven’t seen her hand slap, here it is …

melania smacks hand

I didn’t alter that one bit. He reached. She rejected. If you want to see the whole video, it is here …

She wants no part of that Russian oligarch wannabe. After Trump trashed (Trump & trash just goes together so nicely) Michelle Obama for not wearing a headscarf when she visited Saudi Arabia, Melania could have done wonders for her husband’s credibility by wearing a headscarf. Nope, again denied.

And when it came time for pictures, she made sure there was plenty of flesh between her hand and his.

melania hand on top

Kind of looks like a Trump hand sandwich that you might find in a Jewish deli. Kosher hands on rye. Why rye? Well, at least one of those Trump hands is really seedy.

So maybe she is just a gold-digger. So what? My only advice is that she gets her nice divorce settlement NOW, before he ends up in prison with assets seized. And you know, once he is in prison, he’ll have plenty of opportunity to get his assets grabbed.

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