Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump rolled out his FIRST plan today. FIRST stands for Fix It Right Says Trump, and is meant to be a team-focused attempt to address America’s problems with teams being led by experts on those issues.

Donald Trump himself heads the America FIRST team, and has started making appointments to head his various FIRST teams that will tackle and fix America’s problems.

Here are some of the team leaders Trump has appointed so far …

Paul Manafort – Russia FIRST

Bernie Madoff – Business FIRST

Roger Ailes – Women FIRST

Jerry Sandusky & Jared Fogle (depending upon availability) – Kids FIRST

David Duke – BLM FIRST

Josh Duggar – Family FIRST

Wayne LaPierre – Gun Control FIRST

Chris Christie – Nutrition FIRST

Dr Ben Carson – Narcolepsy FIRST

And as always, Trump has turned to his beloved family for assistance …

Melania Trump – Immigration FIRST

Ivanka Trump – Hot Daughters FIRST

Donald Trump Jr. – Endangered Species FIRST





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