A Video-Heavy Edition of … Random Thoughts

If you throw a message in a bottle into the ocean, but it is never read, did you really drink the beverage that was in the bottle?

With an unseasonably warm winter that may be threatening to quickly become spring, I’ve been thinking how nice it would be to go on a getaway weekend in the great outdoors with a couple of buddies where we could enjoy nature and guy stuff like this.

If we do go for a weekend in the wilderness, I think I will want to take the role of the bear.

Just wondering, is that a cross tattoo on the punching guys back, or is his back hair shaved into the shape of a cross?

I’ve reached a blogging milestone. I saw this when I logged onto this blog to check on my last pseudo-hilarious Mite Be Funny cartoon.

Why? I have always advised against following this blog, and I rarely promote it. I suspect reading it (and writing it) may lead to early onset dementia, plantar fasciitis, and tooth decay. Keep in mind that a hundred plus of those followers are on Twitter, so some of those don’t count as they are bots. But hey, it’s a milestone of some dubious distinction with an almost uncountable number of zeroes. I’m now going to dispense a bit of advice to see if I qualify as a social media influencer. Stop following this blog. Next time you find yourself confused and sitting in a dentist’s chair with aching feet, just know that you were warned.

I have a 2-part question that has recently been keeping me up nights, along with raging flatulence, which is a bad name for a band in case you were considering it.

  1. Can you dig a hole horizontally?
  2. If so, how deep can the hole be before it is no longer considered a hole and becomes a tunnel?

Well, I warned you above about early onset dementia. There it is on full display.

I had blogged before about making a strong push in promoting my award-winning book of short stories in 2023. I imagined an effort like shown in the first video below. In reality, it’s been more like the second.

In fairness to me, it’s only been a few days and I’m inherently lazy.

And so ends a video-heavy edition of my random thoughts. If only I could end them in my mind so easily.


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