Adding Ads?

Sales of my award-winning, side-splitting book of short stories about the afterlife do not appear like they will be sufficient to fund a lifestyle for me of champagne wishes and caviar dreams. Therefore, this notice from WordPress caught my eye.

As I clicked the link to start making money, I guessed that I would be instructed to offer to shut the blog down in exchange for donations. But, no. This popped up next.

I can’t imagine any scenario where the internet’s top ad suppliers bid for ad space on this blog. Bidding to stay off this blog? That I can believe. Anyway, adding ads sounded pretty good and easy to me, but this is the first ad that was suggested.

Talk about undignified. I mean, Evander Holyfield has really lowered himself to be associated with Trump. And what better way is there for a former president to commemorate 9/11 than to do play-by-play for a boxing match?

I definitely would consider advertising this conservative Republican product. It’s a shirt offered by Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

I know conservatives think wearing this shirt is “owning the libs.” But I say, “If the shirt fits (and accurately describes the owner), wear it.”

If I could add a video product ad, this would be the one I would choose.

As I mentioned in a previous post, always consult your veterinarian before starting treatment with Ivermectin or if you think you have equine rabies.

I’m not sure what ads may appear on this blog in the future, but if a Trump 2024 ad is displayed, that will be the end of all ads on this blog … except for ads for my book. Go ahead, click that link.


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