Making an Effort to Make an Effort

In a recent blog post, I clarified that I make no attempt to promote this blog, and in fact, discourage followers. Think of it this way … if no one follows this blog, there will mercifully be no more Mite Be Funny cartoons.

But then I thought, “Why not promote it?” I also recently blogged about a book containing nothing but the word ‘meow’ that has way outsold my award-winning book of short stories. I know my short story collection is better than a book filled with just one word (but maybe not two or more), and I think this blog is better, too.

Coincidentally, I stumbled across a way that WordPress makes available to promote blogs like this.

I was thrilled to see just how little money it cost, because I have little money. See for yourself how affordable it is.

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When Average is Zero

I have noticed a recent uptick in views and likes of this blog. What’s wrong with you readers? I’d prefer to watch TV. Come to think of it, clipping my toenails may interest me more than this blog. Anyway, I received this notification from blog host WordPress.

Boom? A spike in my stats? It’s really not too hard to boom or spike when you’re starting at 0. But thanks for noticing.

Copy Me & Risk the Consequences

I was shocked when I saw this email message from WordPress I received.

Well, that was unexpected. It turns out that I will be able to purchase half a candy bar at the Dollar Store after all. Could it be that the WordsAd advertising I have enabled on this blog is actually paying off? Let’s take a peek.

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Where’ve I Been?

Like you really care. I’ve been silent for most of this week, and I haven’t even received one “Please Post Soon” card. All I’ve gotten is an overdue gas bill warning me that I’ll be without gas if I don’t pay. As if I would ever be gasless. I wish! So does this Brazilian model.

Although I warned you that there may be changes coming to this blog, at least fart content remains. Full fart story here. Most changes I had planned were pertaining specifically to how this blog looks, content, ads, etc. That hasn’t really worked out as planned. It seems that unless I give WordPress a lot of money each year to “upgrade” this blog, then some desired features are unavailable to me. More money poured into this blog? That’s like investing in WorldCom and ain’t happening.

But there are a couple really good things happening.

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Whither Goest Me?

Once again, I am changing course. I had become resigned to sliding ignominiously into retirement over the course of this year as my German product supplier for my small business pulled their product from sales in the US due to some EU regulatory issues. But now, it appears that I have inexplicably brokered a deal to have the German product assembled in the US by a 60 million dollar company located not 30 minutes from my house. Weird. In addition, my small business should still have access to the product to sell. So, I’m back in business, at least for a while. It’s probably for the best as the WordPress WordAds revenue from this blog continues to deteriorate.

Advertisers must be taking the time to read this nonsense. And two other possible sources of income have also dried up.

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What Happened to my Invitation?

I just got an email today from my blog host WordPress with this invitation.

WordPress “just launched” a daily blogging challenge for January? I checked the date today. The 21st of January. Hello? The month is 2/3 over. Just launched, my ass. It’s like getting an invitation to come to a party as guests are leaving and the host has begun cleaning up cups and plates. My best guess is that WordPress has been monitoring this blog and its questionable “entertainment” content. They probably recommended that our invitation be put in the “lost in the mail” category to arrive at a safe late date that would deter my participation.

Now, would I have blogged for 31 straight days in January? Probably not. I like you readers, but …

Well, this may better explain how I feel.

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Adding Ads?

Sales of my award-winning, side-splitting book of short stories about the afterlife do not appear like they will be sufficient to fund a lifestyle for me of champagne wishes and caviar dreams. Therefore, this notice from WordPress caught my eye.

As I clicked the link to start making money, I guessed that I would be instructed to offer to shut the blog down in exchange for donations. But, no. This popped up next.

I can’t imagine any scenario where the internet’s top ad suppliers bid for ad space on this blog. Bidding to stay off this blog? That I can believe. Anyway, adding ads sounded pretty good and easy to me, but this is the first ad that was suggested.

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Buy Bargain Book

The blockbuster novella I published earlier this year called My Parasitic Twin Wants to be President is for sale this weekend for under $1. Use this link to buy a digital copy you can read on a PC, Mac, iPhone, Android phone, or Kindle tablet for just $0.99 … All proceeds will be donated to local Democratic candidates.

The NY Times Book Review noted, “This is one of the most powerful books of 2020.” They weren’t talking about the book I published, but my book does have reviews. How about this one?

“A witty story that combines humor, satire, and astute observations of our current political reality. Connects the absurd with contemporary issues, providing the reader with an unexpected, humorous, and thought-provoking perspective of modern times. Well written and engaging from cover to cover. Highly recommended!” Who needs the NY Times Book Review when you have a review like that on Amazon?

Now if you don’t intend to purchase, I need to introduce you to the illustrator.

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Living on the Edge

My WordPress website domain is expiring. No, that’s not the good news. I hate to disappoint you (although I know I do almost every day with each blog post), but I intend to renew and continue writing this nonsense.

As we get closer to the date of my website domain expiring, I keep getting these pop-up notices from WordPress when I am working on my website …

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I Hacked Myself

There’s a lot of talk of Russian hacking these days, and not the type that accompanies a bout of pneumonia in Minsk. I’m talking about computer hacking. I know I’ve had my computer hacked previously, but I have no idea why. I have no money. I have such little credit left that when I try and use my credit card, stores make me leave collateral. Go hack someone with actual wealth. Hack my computer and the best you can hope for is to assume some of my debt.

Just recently though, I hacked myself, and in particular, this very blog. Sit back, strap in and get ready for a story that may just change your life, or waste some time. I know it’s one of those two.

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