Whither Goest Me?

Once again, I am changing course. I had become resigned to sliding ignominiously into retirement over the course of this year as my German product supplier for my small business pulled their product from sales in the US due to some EU regulatory issues. But now, it appears that I have inexplicably brokered a deal to have the German product assembled in the US by a 60 million dollar company located not 30 minutes from my house. Weird. In addition, my small business should still have access to the product to sell. So, I’m back in business, at least for a while. It’s probably for the best as the WordPress WordAds revenue from this blog continues to deteriorate.

Advertisers must be taking the time to read this nonsense. And two other possible sources of income have also dried up.

I blogged about my short-lived career as a taste tester. That still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. On top of that disappointment, my gambling advantage wagering income looks like it may be drying up. I don’t call it gambling, because I don’t lose. I use odds boosts to bet both sides and guarantee myself a profit. But when I see headlines like this about online sportsbook DraftKings, I knew those odds boosts would disappear.

And those odds boosts have indeed become fewer and farther in-between now. I can’t blame DraftKings after they lost over 1.5 BILLION dollars in 2021 while I showed over a $6000 profit. The sportsbooks can’t have that going on with countless advantage wagerers like me making money while they swim in red ink.

I had been looking forward to writing more in 2021, but I think I should focus on my business for at least another year. It’s more likely to put food on the table than words I create on this laptop, unless this post goes viral and millions buy my award-winning book of short stories. But what I will plan on doing is to try and give you, the misguided but loyal readers of this blog, more of what you prefer. Based on views and likes, that would be posts about health, wellness, fitness, and weight loss, or occasional weight gain in my case. So, this blog may change a bit in 2022, but I can guarantee that no matter what I write about, I will do my best to keep the percentage of nonsense high.


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