Where’ve I Been?

Like you really care. I’ve been silent for most of this week, and I haven’t even received one “Please Post Soon” card. All I’ve gotten is an overdue gas bill warning me that I’ll be without gas if I don’t pay. As if I would ever be gasless. I wish! So does this Brazilian model.

Although I warned you that there may be changes coming to this blog, at least fart content remains. Full fart story here. Most changes I had planned were pertaining specifically to how this blog looks, content, ads, etc. That hasn’t really worked out as planned. It seems that unless I give WordPress a lot of money each year to “upgrade” this blog, then some desired features are unavailable to me. More money poured into this blog? That’s like investing in WorldCom and ain’t happening.

But there are a couple really good things happening.

News of my medical equipment business dying had been a bit premature. First quarter sales in 2022 have been robust, especially these past 2 weeks. In addition, my side hustle as a market research subject that I had blogged was dead has picked up some real steam. I have recently completed another taste test, a Zoom interview regarding hotel rewards programs, and a Zoom product design interview about a brand of anti-virus software. Cha-ching! Coming soon will be another taste test and Zoom market studies about mouthwash and cremation. I’m dying to get to that cremation study. I will approach the study with grave seriousness, and I promise I won’t get burned up if the study doesn’t go well. So, I’ve been busy, and blogging has taken a bit of a back seat. You’re welcome!

I realize the market study gig is likely not sustainable over a long period of time. I mean, how many people care about what an old man thinks? Even I don’t care what I think. I don’t need this side hustle to be a long-term thing. I just need it to be a cash flow bridge until I retire and start suckling at the teat of Social Security. When an opportunity presents itself, sometimes you just have to grab it and run with it until it is no longer viable. You know, the Steve Winwood program.

While you see a chance, take it. And while you’re at it, take a chance on my award-winning book of short stories.


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