The online sportsbooks that I use usually offer special promos or odds boosts for holidays. Is it too much to expect the sportsbooks to make some special offers available on Maundy Thursday? Good Friday, perhaps?

Whither Goest Me?

Once again, I am changing course. I had become resigned to sliding ignominiously into retirement over the course of this year as my German product supplier for my small business pulled their product from sales in the US due to some EU regulatory issues. But now, it appears that I have inexplicably brokered a deal to have the German product assembled in the US by a 60 million dollar company located not 30 minutes from my house. Weird. In addition, my small business should still have access to the product to sell. So, I’m back in business, at least for a while. It’s probably for the best as the WordPress WordAds revenue from this blog continues to deteriorate.

Advertisers must be taking the time to read this nonsense. And two other possible sources of income have also dried up.

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Guaranteed Super Bowl Winners

At the beginning of 2020, my home state of Illinois legalized online sports gambling. I thought nothing of that because within no time at all, there were no sports. Thanks, COVID. But then sports started to come back. I still thought nothing of it. I was too busy being poor, thanks again to COVID. But then my oldest son, who always has been a bad influence on me, suggested I start gambling on NFL football. I signed up.

Now here we are, wrapping up the NFL season tomorrow with the Super Bowl, and I will finish the season with winnings of right about $1400. I didn’t just bet football. I’ve also bet baseball, baseketball, hockey, soccer, tennis, golf, and mma, all to a lesser degree. It doesn’t matter what sport I bet. I’m a terrible bettor. A former Chicago Bear football player named Doug Buffone used to say, “Those who gamble live in shambles.” That’s me. I could bet on a coin flip 100 times and get it right maybe 10 times. So, how did I win $1400 in 5 months? Well, I may be terrible at betting, but I’m great at math. Here’s the system …

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Don’t Bet On It!

I may have a gambling problem. After church yesterday, parents of Sunday School children were herded into the gymnasium to hear what our children were being taught. I noticed that I was the only parent out of 50+ to have stopped by the food table before heading to the meeting. Yes, I may also have an eating problem. I definitely should not have taken chips and guacamole. The crunching of the chips reverberated through the large gymnasium with every bite. And the guac was a little spicy, so I had to try and suck some juice from the watermelon slice I took to calm the burning on my tongue.

But more to my point about gambling, we were shown some questions that our children were supposed to discuss. This one caught my eye …

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