When Has-Bens Become Have-Not-Bens

I’m really going to miss these guys …


Yep, those are all Benjamins except for that lone Ulysses. Who invited him? Oh, I see. He was ‘Granted’ admission.


All those Bens that we once had, we now have not. But we do have a new roof!

hermione clap.gif

Yeah, I know. Big deal. It is probably for the best that I invested those Bens in the roof today. That riverboat casino is only 20 minutes away, and I swear I heard Red calling to me to double my Bens with one spin.


But I’m not a gambler, and when I do, the result more often than not is …

gambling loss.gif

That roof is looking better and better. At least I won’t have to go up there anymore to patch it and risk this …


Although it is Fall.