Steve Bannon’s Halloween Nightmare

It wasn’t too long ago that former Trump adviser Steve Bannon had thoughts of using his lofty position in the Trump Administration as a possible jumping off spot for a future run at the presidency. He did have the ear of the most powerful and moronic man in the world, Donald Trump.



And then, just like that, Bannon was gone from the Trump Administration. And last night, on All Hallows’ Eve Eve, Steve Bannon found himself facing his worst Halloween nightmare here …

Bannon Holiday inn Topeka

That’s right. The Holiday Inn Express in north Topeka, Kansas.


C’mon now. I have stayed in much scarier hotels with a number as part of their name. They claim to be Super, but they are not.

Thankfully, I never have had to be in Steve Bannon’s position … at a Holiday Inn Express in Topeka, Kansas for a campaign stop on behalf of a Republican congressional candidate speaking to a throng estimated physically counted at 17.

bannon kansas1

Bannon Kansas2

Bannon Kansas3

Steve Bannon reportedly said that his small rallies are “an intentional effort to make voter turnout a grassroots affair.”

coffee spittake

The campaign for Steve Watkins has disavowed any knowledge of this event. Kind of like the USA is disavowing any knowledge of Steve Bannon. Hey Steve, BOO!

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