Steve Bannon’s Halloween Nightmare

It wasn’t too long ago that former Trump adviser Steve Bannon had thoughts of using his lofty position in the Trump Administration as a possible jumping off spot for a future run at the presidency. He did have the ear of the most powerful and moronic man in the world, Donald Trump.



And then, just like that, Bannon was gone from the Trump Administration. And last night, on All Hallows’ Eve Eve, Steve Bannon found himself facing his worst Halloween nightmare here …

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Meet Jeff Fortenberry *stifled chuckle*

Jeff Fortenberry is a member of the House of Representatives from the state of Nebraska. And he’s got a funny name. You know how you want to say his last name. Go ahead, say it. I know you just said it. It is funny, isn’t it? But you know what’s not funny? Violence and vandalism. See Jeff’s tweet below.

fartenberry tweet crop

Except, when it looks like this …

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Don’t Have a Black Cow, Man

I’m trying not to have a cow, but am struggling. Since this issue has to do with Steely Dan, I threw into the Bart Simpsonish title the Black Cow reference to their great song of the same name. I know, really clever. Another day, another clever title. But I am upset about what I see advertised for Steely Dan this summer …

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Marching with Women

I would be remiss if I didn’t blog about my experiences at the Women’s March in Chicago yesterday where I, my wife, two of my daughters, some dear friends and about 300,000 other people rallied and marched. Last year was incredibly warm with a temperature at 60F degrees and drew 250,000 to Chicago. This year, it was still unseasonably warm, getting close to 50F, and 300,000 came. I love Chicago and the spirit of the people of Chicago. It is truly one of the great cities of the world. But before marching, the most important thing I had to do was to  fix my hat.

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