Flanigan 2018

I saw a sample ballot for the March 20th primary election. There it was, my name on the ballot. And not because I wrote my name on the ballot, but because it was printed on the ballot, ready for all to cast their votes for me …


My wife asked me how I will feel about voting for myself. I told her that I may never know. I want to hear from the other candidates that didn’t make it onto the ballot, but may be running as write-in candidates. I’ll read some position papers because I want to understand the other candidate’s positions and see whose values match up best with mine. Maybe I’ll catch a debate. I’ll check to see who received the best endorsements. Only then will I feel I can make an informed decision and cast my vote for the best candidate, which I’m pretty sure is not me.

And by the way, we Democrats voted to call the position Precinct Committee Person, not Precinct Committeeman. That’s just so Democrat. I was the only opposing vote. I wanted to call the position Precinct Committee Creature, in case another species wanted to run. I mean, we already have lots of jackasses in the Republican party these days.

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