A Cold Look at 2018

Although I recently blogged that I can’t bring myself to create any more fake Trump tweets, there are plenty who still do. Here’s a primer so you can tell the difference.

Fake Trump Tweet

Trump Tweet Global Warming

This is a fake Trump tweet created by me with the New Year just barely started. It’s kinda’ humorous in a sad sort of way, but after an initial glance, one could easily (and sadly) think that this is a real Trump tweet. But don’t be fooled. Look closer for these signs:

  1. Not enough caps throughout the tweet. The only inappropriately capitalized letters are the F, G & W as a part of the “Fake Global Warning” word group. At a minimum, Fake should be all-caps to read FAKE. Realistically, “coldest year ever” should read “COLDEST YEAR EVER.” I mean, c’mon, let’s get Trump-cappy.
  2.  Not enough hyperbole. The phrase “coldest year ever” should not only be in all caps, but probably should read “COLDEST YEAR EVER IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND.” There, that has a certain Trumpian ring to it.
  3. Too soon. That tweet may actually be accurate as far as 2018 being the coldest year ever for the USA, albeit only 5 hours old when supposedly written. I woke up in the western fringe of Chicagoland to a -12 Fahrenheit temperature this morning. That’s as cold as Republican tax reform. Record cold grips much of the USA while the rest of the world experiences higher than average temperatures. Rarely is a Trump tweet this accurate. You can identify Trump tweets by the lies that can be easily disproved through readily available facts.
  4. Correct spelling of “bye-bye.” A real Trump tweet may have used “by-by” or perhaps a hyphenless “bye bye.” The lack of a hyphen is definitely too nuanced for a Trump supporter to distinguish, but then again they would likely also accept “buy buy.”

Here’s a real Trump tweet from a couple days ago on the same topic.Trump tweet global warming real

Note the gratuitous use of capital letters. It is also dripping with hyperbole accentuated by the caps. It is factually incorrect as to the cost being trillions of dollars. Oh, sorry, I meant TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS. That is the loss of GDP that one business-funded study estimated could happen if the USA stayed in the Paris Climate Accord. Other studies found no anticipated economic disadvantage to remaining part of the agreement that the world has embraced to well, save the world.

Careful! There are no obvious spelling errors which could lead you to believe that this is a fake Trump tweet. However, the words used in the tweet are not exactly challenging and therefore easily allow Trump a big spelling win. There are a couple red flags identifying this tweet as a genuine Trump tweet, but you have to dig a bit. Note how he capitalized Country when referring to the USA, but not countries when referring to other countries. He does end a sentence with the preposition against, but I’ll let that one slide as there is absolutely no freaking way that Trump could figure out how to structure the sentence to prevent that. Still, that’s a clear tell that this is a genuine Trump tweet.

So, there you go. I have now girded your loins against fake Trump tweets for 2018. Until the next blog post, Happy New Year and buy-buy for now.

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