i thought my phone was broken this morning

Wow, catchy title to this blog post. It is so lame that I couldn’t bring myself to capitalize any words in the title, not even the personal pronoun. I can see why this blog was recently voted Most Likely to Suck at the 2017 Bloggie Awards. If the title of this blog post captured your imagination and curiosity, then you should get out more. But first, read on if you must.

I noticed it was snowing this morning and just figured it was still blog-numbingly cold. I took a look at the temperature according to my phone.

weather cold

That’s Fahrenheit, not Celsius for our international readers, and that couldn’t possibly be correct after the last two days starting -12 and -13 Fahrenheit, and last night being colder than the Republican’s position on welfare. Yep, I’m milking that joke because it is a good one. I know a good one when I see one since I see so few good ones as I type. Click HERE if you want to see that joke in all its original glory.

Thinking my phone was damaged, I immediately stuffed my phone in a bowl of rice which is what I think we are supposed to do if it breaks or falls in water or something. Unfortunately, it was the leftover rice covered with Moo Goo Gai Pan from dinner last night. Realizing my mistake, I extracted the gooey phone, licked it clean (mmm, deliciously Verizony) and checked for the weather on TV. It is indeed warmer this morning, but with temperatures set to plunge back below 0 later tonight.

But for now, I plan to celebrate and revel in the warmth of 12 degrees. I have big plans. I will be taking the garbage and recycling to the curb. I have banking to do later and may even pop into a grocery store for a visit. That sounds almost as exciting as the title to this blog post!