Welcome, New Olympic Events!

The Olympics are back, and it is nice to see the Chinese hosts have added some new events like Press Suppression.

That was a Dutch reporter being escorted away. Undeterred, the team from The Netherlands looks to be in fine form.

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2017 Follower of the Year Award

Yes, it is that time of the year again, when I narrow my list of followers to those that aren’t doped-up on thorazine or any other anti-psychotic drug, sift through the handful of followers that remain, and choose a Follower of the Year. Past winners have been so self-effacing that they have asked me to never mention them again. Actually, it was their lawyers that asked, in writing via a court order.

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Trump Ruins Another Blog Post

Ugh, this idiot Trump ruined another one of my childish blog posts scheduled for publication tonight. It wasn’t much of a post. It was just a pic of real Trump tweets in chronological order crying about the Russia investigations, Sally Yates and James Clapper. At the end, I added a fake Trump tweet for comic effect. Here it is …

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